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Don’t care what they say

Imam Al-Shafi’e

I laughed and they said “can’t you be modest”.
I cried and they said “why don’t you smile?”

I smiled and they said “he’s a show off”.
I frowned and they said “I started showing my true colors”

I was silent and they said I had a feeble tongue.
When I spoke they said I was too talkative.

When I was tolerant they called it cowardice
and said, had I been brave, I would have taken revenge.

When I showed up some courage they said it was rash & reckless, and I wouldn’t have behaved if I were balanced.

When I said NO they considered me odd.
When I agreed with them, they called me a blind follower.

So it became certain, that no matter how hard I try, pleasing people will bring nothing but criticism.

So don’t care about people. Only try to please Allah!

~ Imam Al-Shafi’ee

ضَحكتُ فقالوا ألا تحتشم
بكيتُ فقالوا ألا تبتسم

بسمتُ فقالوا يرائي بها
عبستُ فقالوا بدا ما كُتم

صَمتُ فقالوا كليلُ اللسان
نطقتُ فقالوا كثيرُ الكَلِم

حلمتُ فقالوا صنيعُ الجَبان
ولو كانَ مقتدراً لانتقم

بسلتُ فقالوا لطيشٍ به
وما كان مجترئاً لو حَكم

يقولون شذّ إنْ قلتُ لا
وإمَّعةً حينَ وافقتُهم

فأيقنتُ أنّي مهما أردتُ
رضا النّاسِ لابُدّ منْ أنْ أُذَم

(الإمامُ الشّافعي)


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