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Allah(SWT) will open doors for you if you …

Fudayl bin Iyāad said: “I learned patience from a small boy. On my way to the Masjid one day, I came across a woman beating her son at home. As he was yelling and screaming, he managed to open the door and flee. So his mother locked the door on him.

When I returned from the Masjid, I found the boy after having cried and wept sleeping at the door of his home longing for his mother. So his mother’s heart softened and she opened the door for him.”

Upon witnessing that, Fudayl bin Iyād cried until his beard became wet with tears, and then he said “SubhānAllāh! If only the servant was to be patient at the door of Allāh, Allāh would surely open it!”

[المصنف لابن أبي شيبة ٢٢/٦]


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