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Reflections on Al Fatiha 0

Reflections on Al Fatiha

The first and last statement of the believers The first thing you should know about Allah is He is rabbil aalimeen. The Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: “When He breathed into Adam and...


My 6 Ramadan Goals

My Ramadan Goals Complete one Khatm of the Quran Sit for daily Quran Tafseer reminders Feed 60 fasting people Pay my Zakat Smile whilst fasting Take my young children to Ramadan prayers and activities...


Who are the Al-Mukhbiteen?

و بشر المخبتين << And give glad tidings to the Mukhbiteen >> – Suratul Hajj Verse 34 Allah (Subhanahu Wa Taala) mentioned a special group of people in the Quran as ‘Al-Mukhbiteen.Mujahid said about...