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Medical knowledge summarised in the Qur’an

According to Tafseer Majmaul Bayan, Bakhti Shoa was the personal physician of Haroon al-Rashid. He was a Christian. One day he asked Waqidi; “Does your Holy book contain any medical knowledge?”

Waqidi replied; “The Almighty Allah has condensed the complete medical knowledge in a single verse; “…And eat and drink and be not extravagant.”

“Did your Prophet mention anything about this branch of knowledge?” asked the physician. “Yes,” said Waqidi, “he has described the medical sciences in a brief sentence;

“The stomach is the house of pain and abstinence is the most important medicine. Everyone should be given the amount (of food) he needs.”

Upon hearing this, the Christian remarked; “Your Book and your Prophet have not omitted anything from medical science
and Galen (the Greek physician) had nothing more to say.”


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