Characteristics of a believer – Yahya ibn Muadh

Yahya ibn Muadh gathered the characteristics of the believers as follows

It is to be full of modesty, and to be harmless too.

To be full of goodness and not to be corrupt.

For the tongue to be truthful, for the words to be little and to be plentiful in good action.

To have little slip-ups and not to be excessive.

To be good to one’s relatives, building closeness between them.

To be dignified and grateful. To be full of contentment if Allah restricted some provision.

To be forbearing and friendly to his brothers.

To be compassionate and chaste. Not to curse, swear, insult, backbite, nor to gossip.

Not to be hasty, envious, hateful, arrogant nor vain. Not to lean towards worldliness, nor to extend long hopes and wishes.

Not to sleep too much nor to be absent-minded, nor to show-off nor be hypocritical.

Not to be selfish, but to be soft and cheerful, not subdued.”

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