“Give me the answers to these four questions…”

A man came to Amir ul Muhmineen, ‘Ali bn Abee Taalib (RA) and said,

“I will ask you four questions, so give me their answers”:

-What is compulsory, and what is most compulsory?

-What is close-by, and what is most close-by?

-What is amazing, and what is most amazing?

-What is difficult, and what is most difficult?

Amir ul-Mu’mineen(RA) answered:
-What is compulsory is Obeying and worshipping Allaah, and what is most compulsory is having the knowledge of how to obey and worship Allaah correctly.

-What is close-by is The Day of Judgement, and what is most close-by is DEATH!

-What is amazing is the Dunya, and what is most amazing is the love of the Dunya!

-What is difficult is the Grave, and what is most difficult is leaving this world without provision for the next (from this world)!

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