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The Life of the Prophet – poem

A name that inspires many and a character so unique,
Muhammed (ﷺ) is our Prophet whose path we wish to seek.

In Rabi-ul-Awwal, he came into this world as a great blessing,
During a time of great trials and when the world was distressing.

Born in Makkah, the holiest place,
A life full of challenges he was yet to face.

Abdullah, his father, had by then passed away,
Leaving Aaminah, his mother, in her arms he lay.

Halima Sadia soon took over his care,
Looking after him she realised this child was rare.

His mother then passed away and he was left all alone,
Abdul Muttalib, his grand-dad then made him his own.

When our prophet was nine his grandfather died,
Only for Abu Talib, his uncle, to become his new guide.

In his 20’s, a merchant Muhammed (ﷺ) became by trade,
Al-Amin (the trustworthy), became his grade.

Soon after Khadija (RA) became his bride,
And through hardship and worries she’d stand by his side.

Over the next 23 years came the revelation, the Quran,
The purpose was to lead people from darkness to the light of Imaan.

He preached to all people, every creed, every race,
Yet so many hardships he had to confront and face.

When there were fears for his life, the Hijra’h took place,
He entered Madinah, by the Almighty’s grace.

He was greeted by the Ansaris who were not like the others,
they treated the Muhajirs like their very own brothers.

Then came the battles, fought face to face,
Then the conquest of Makkah, Muhammed (ﷺ)’s birthplace

An-Nasr was revealed, it’s message was clear,
Muhammed (ﷺ) knew that his time was near.

Everyone gathered to hear his very last speech,
little did they know how far Allah’s message would reach.

Muhammed (ﷺ) gave us the miracle, the Quran.
And now many people over the world follow the religion of Islam.

He is our teacher, role-model and the best of mankind,
For us, he left the Quran and his Sunnah behind.

So follow the prophet’s sunnah from eating to when dressing,
And send him salutations as it will be a means of blessing.

He came to mankind to show us the way,
And Insha-Allah, we’ll meet him, when we leave this world one day.

 – Mawlana Aminul Islam


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