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Poem by a cranky old man

The crankiest old man in the entire nursing home had passed away. He was the one the nurses fought over having to take care of. They knew he was going to make their job virtually impossible. But as they were cleaning out his things they found this poem, and their hearts sunk…


Ramadhan – Poem

Ramadhan has arrived so wake up and see.. How can we Muslims improve ourselves spiritually. Exceeding in prayers and standing for Taraweeh, Reciting the Quran and giving charity. Refraining from evil thoughts and committing...


The Life of the Prophet – poem

A name that inspires many and a character so unique, Muhammed (ﷺ) is our Prophet whose path we wish to seek. In Rabi-ul-Awwal, he came into this world as a great blessing, During a...