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The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Book Review By Khadeeja Naeem, 9yr old

My Dad recommended me to read this book and I was inspired because of the title of the book. I wanted to read this book to learn about the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) life and I learnt that the life of the Prophet (pbuh) is a great experience of success that all humanity, not just Muslims, can learn and benefit from. It benefited me so I hope it will benefit you as well.

What I learnt from this book?

The Easier Option

As I was reading this book, I learnt that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not like unnecessary hardship. It was narrated that when Muhammad (pbuh) had to decide on a matter or an issue where more than one option or an alternative was given, he always avoid hardship and chose the less complicated option, provided that it fulfilled the required goals and did not involve unlawful things.

Al-Arqam House – The First College for the Believers

I liked the part where Muhammad (pbuh) received the first revelation from God and was appointed as the Messenger of God to all people. I also liked that Muhmmad (pbuh) was very close to his followers and used to meet them at Al-Arqam house which was like a small college. He taught his followers many beneficial things.


Al-Arqam House


Muhmmad (pbuh) was very fair. Muhmmad (pbuh) emphasized that all people should respect the law whereas offenders must be punished regardless of their social status.

Balanced Life

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had a balanced life. It is narrated that three people came to his house to ask about his style of worship. Muhmmad (pbuh) was not at home so his wife spoke with them. They then thought a religious person must stay single and not get married. They also thought he or she needs to fast every day (as a way of life) and perform extra prayers.

When Muhammad (pbuh) knew what they said, he was upset but he stated that he usually performed extra prayers at night and rested like other people. Finally, he married and did not like to stay single. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

“Whoever does not desire my Sunnah (they way of life that God likes) is not a part of me.” (Source: al-Sunnah li-Ibn Abī ‘Āṣim 52)

My Favourite Lesson

My favourite learning point from the book is that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was fair and had a balanced life. Although, he had so many duties, he didn’t fail to complete any of them. Despite the many duties, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) still spent time with his family, helped his wife Khadija (RAH) in the house, taught his community and much more.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my book review.


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