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Gut health and eating advice

Abū ‘Imrān al-Jūnī: “Whoever loves that his heart is enlightened for him then let him eat less.”

‘Abd al-‘Azīz bin Dāwūd: “Eating a little aids in hastening towards doing good (deeds).”

Al-Hasan al-Basrī: “Subhān Allāh! Does a Muslim eat until he cannot eat anymore?!”

Sufyān ath-Thawrī: “If you want your body to be correct then sleep and eat less.”

[Jāmi’ al-‘Ulūm wal-Hikam (v. 2 p. 472)]

Al-Hasan al-Basrī: “O’ son of Ādam! Eat in ⅓ of your stomach, drink in ⅓ and leave ⅓ for breathing.” [Jāmi’ al-‘Ulūm wal-Hikam (v. 2 p. 469)]

‘Amr bin al-Aswad used to leave a lot from his fill of food out of fear from it showing on his stomach.

‎‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Umar رضي الله عنهما: ‎“I have not eaten my fill of food since I embraced Islaam.” [Jāmi’ al-‘Ulūm wal-Hikam (v. 2 p. 470)]

‘Amr bin Qays: “Beware of (filling) the stomach for verily it hardens the heart.”

Salamah bin Sa’īd: “Indeed a person would be rebuked for his stomach just like he was for his sins.”

Some of the scholars said: “If you have a stomach then prepare yourself for some time until it reduces.”

[Jāmi’ al-‘Ulūm wal-Hikam (v. 2 p. 471)]

‎Ibn Rajab: ‎“Indeed the Prophet ﷺ and his companions used to remain hungry a lot.”

‎[Jāmi’ al-‘Ulūm wal-Hikam (v. 2 p. 475)]

Gut health presentation (from Zuhri Circle students initiative)


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