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How to take advantage of Mobile Phones

Mobile phone technology is one of the latest and the greatest inventions of the 20th century which revolutionised every aspect of life of human beings in all angles and its impact can be observed in every fragment of our life. Its usage has become so common that now it is a vital component and a prime necessity of every one’s life as it will be very difficult to live without one.

Similar to other technological gadgets, with the widespread of mobile phones various modern problems also emerged which were unknown in the past.

Mobile phones due to their technological advancement have incorporated all the features of modern gadgets and programming such as TV, internet, radio and videos. Having a mobile means you are carrying all these gadgets in your pocket.

Islam, being the religion of nature and bounty for mankind never rejected or challenged any development or technology beneficial to mankind. It has always advocated and applauded such inventions; as they can be an approach of acquiring celestial benefits and an avenue of gaining the pleasure of The Creator.

Islam is a glorious religion based on pure principals and morals. Therefore, our usage of a mobile phone in a sensible manner is much encouraged. The usage of mobile phones for a Muslim can be entirely different from others.

Some of the approaches of accruing advantages of mobiles are;-

1. Enhancing relation with Allah

Using it for listening to the Holy Quran and Islamic talks as well as reading Islamic books and articles. It can also be used for searching a Masjid whilst travelling and also can serve as a compass for Qibla direction and Salaah time.

2. Easy Communication

The mode of enhancing Sila Rahmi (maintaining good relations with blood relatives). Occasional with near kith and kin.

3. Educational information and news as well as shopping through mobile phones can save time and thus this time can be capitalised for the advantages of the hereafter.




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