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The life of Abu Bakr – RadiyAllahu an’hu (may Allah be pleased with him)

– [ ] His name was Abdullah Ibn Uthman Ibn Amir Ibn Amr Ibn Qurashi
– [ ] He was born 2.5 years after the prophet
– [ ] Physical description: white in complexion, he was very skinny, he had a presence that demanded respect when he walked into the room.
– [ ] His father was Abu Quhafa (he accepted Islam much later on), his mother was Salma bint Sakhr (Ummul Khayr) (she accepted Islam early on)
– [ ] He got married 4 times. Two in particular that were more well known. One was Qateela (mother of Abdullah and Asma). Second was Umm Ruman (Mother of Aisha and Abdul Rahman)
– [ ] He was the friend of the prophet before Islam. He never drank alcohol, neither did he ever worship idols.
– [ ] Hadith: ‘I have never throughout 23 years of Islam, called anyone to Islam except that he had a moments hesitation, except Abu Bakr, my friend, my companion.’
– [ ] He would believe the prophet, even if it defied logic. Hence he was given the title As Sadiq. (Truthful, sincere)
– [ ] Story of Isra Wal Miraj (when the quraysh went to Abu Bakr, telling him about the prophets claim of the night journey, in an attempt to sway him). Abu Bakr said: ’if the prophet said it, I believe him’. After being asked why, he said ‘I believe him in something more amazing than this, I believe he receives wahi from the heavens’
– [ ] His title of As Sadiq is the greatest for a man after a prophet: One day the prophet was on Mount Uhud with Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman. The mountain began to shake. The prophet said, ‘oh Uhud, calm down, for indeed on you is a prophet, a sadiq and 2 shuhuda’
– [ ] He was an honest businessman. People would entrust Him with their belongings. Due to this, Allah blessed him with a lot of wealth.
– [ ] Once, the prophet was attacked and Abu Bakr jumped in to save him. He was battered until he almost reached his death. He was in bed for days, unconscious. After he opened his eyes, his family came close to him. The first words he uttered were, ‘how is the prophet?’ His father left the room with frustration. His family would plead him to think about himself. Abu Bakr said, ‘I will not eat or drink until I see Muhammad SAW with my own eyes’. He said ‘go and call Umm Jamil (sister of Umar) and tell her to bring me to the prophet’. She began to cry after seeing him. They waited until the night to bring him to the prophet. As soon as he saw the prophet he fell to tears out of joy.
– [ ] Story of migration (when the prophet said to Abu Bakr that he has permission to accompany him on the journey): Aisha (RA) said, ‘I never knew men could cry out of happiness until that point’
– [ ] Abu Bakr would run forwards, side to side etc. during the migration. He would try protecting him any way he could. Umar (RA) said ‘I would give my entire life for a day in the life of Abu Bakr’. The day he referred to was the day of the cave. Abu Bakr covered the holes of the cave with his garment. Story of the snake is not found in authentic sources. Allah references Abu Bakr in the Quran.
– [ ] During Hijra, they went to the house of Umm Ma’bad. They hadn’t drank for days. When the prophet drank milk, Abu Bakr said, ‘my beloved drank until I became full’
– [ ] Story of conflict of Abu Bakr and Umar. Abu Bakr went to the prophet and complained that Umar didn’t forgive him. Umar then later felt bad and didn’t find Abu Bakr at home so went to the prophet and found them both there. The prophet was angry. The prophet said, ‘oh Umar, Allah sent me to you people. All of you called me a liar and this man said I was truthful. He supported me with his money and company. Leave my companion alone’. After that day, nobody ever challenged Abu Bakr.
– [ ] Rabi’a Ibn Ka’b (companion who asked to be with prophet in jannah) once had an argument with the prophet. Abu Bakr said something unpleasant to him and asked him to reply with the same curse. Rabi’a didn’t respond and Abu Bakr was upset and walked away. Someone said why are you doing this? Rabi’a said, ‘shh don’t support me. If Abu Bakr sees you supporting me, maybe he will get angry, if he gets angry the prophet will get angry and if the prophet gets angry, we all deserve the wrath of Allah’. The prophet later said Rabi’a you are right, may Allah forgive Abu Bakr.
– [ ] The prophet said ‘no wealth ever benefitted me like Abu Bakrs wealth has’. Abu Bakr cried and said, ‘is my wealth and life not yours ya rasul Allah’
– [ ] Story of Amr Ibn Al As asking about love of the prophet (he felt he was most beloved to the prophet but he found that Abu Bakr was the most beloved)
– [ ] Story of Tabuk. (Abu Bakr competing with Omar for giving away charity)
– [ ] Prophet gave example of a man who had a choice between Allah and this dunya. Only Abu Bakr cried. He undertood. Prophet said calm down and said, ‘whoever has done me a favour in this world, I’ve returned it. As for Abu Bakr, Allah will return his favour. Leave all the doors to the masjid closed. Keep it open for Abu Bakr’.
– [ ] On prophets deathbed, he choose Abu Bakr to lead salah
– [ ] Death of the prophet. His reaction (he gathered the people to remind them that the prophet has passed away and Allah does not)
– [ ] During selection of Khaleefa, Umar said the prophet already chose our leader for us. He selected Abu Bakr to lead salah.
– [ ] He passed away at the same age as the prophet (63).


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