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The life of Omar – RadiyAllahu an’hu (may Allah be pleased with him)

– [ ] Omar’s father was a very tough man. Khattab used to make him tend to camels
– [ ] Omar’s was one of the few people in Makkah that was literate
– [ ] Quraysh were proud of Omar. They made him their ambassador. Omar was a wrestler, he was tall and strong, a good poet.
– [ ] He used to worship idols, drink alcohol
– [ ] When the message of Islam came, Omar used to hear the elders talk about eradicating Islam.
– [ ] Omar saw Nu’aim Ibn Abdullah on his way to kill the prophet. Nu’aim told him to go to his sister and brother in law instead, who have accepted Islam. (Fatima Ibn Khattab and Saeed Ibn Zaid)
– [ ] When Omar approached the house he heard Khabbab Ibn Arat recite Quran, who was sent by the prophet.
– [ ] After reading Surah Taha, Omar’s heart changed. He said ‘what kind of words are these? Someone that says words like these must be worshipped alone’.
– [ ] Khabbab came out of hiding and said, ‘By Allah, the messenger made dua saying ‘oh Allah honour Islam with one of the two Omar’s’. Allah loves you Omar’
– [ ] Omar came to the house of the prophet. Everyone was scared and Hamza said his famous statement (“if he’s come for khayr (goodness), then let him in. If he’s come for shar (evil), then we’ll kill him with his own sword”)
– [ ] Omar said let him in. The prophet grabbed him by his shirt, and said ‘oh son of Khattab, isn’t it time for you to know there is no god but Allah and I am His messenger?’ Omar replied, ‘this is why I came’ and made his shahada. The room erupted with takbir, it could be heard from the kabah.
– [ ] Omar said, ‘Ya rasulallah are we not on the right path?’ The prophet said yes. Then he said ‘why don’t we go out and pray at the kaba?’ The prophet accepted. They made two lines of people, Hamza at the head of one, Omar at the other. This was the first time they prayed at the kaba because of the strength they felt from Omar.
– [ ] Suhaib Rumi said ‘when Omar accepted Islam, that is when we because powerful. We could sit in groups in public and nobody dared lift a finger against us’
– [ ] When Omar accepted Islam nobody dared persecute him. Omar didn’t want to miss out on the reward, since other companions were being tested and nobody asked anything of Omar. So he knocked on the doors of the leaders of Makkah and told them of his Islam. They all closed the door and never did anything. Only when they had a large group they attacked him.
– [ ] On the Hijrah, he made his tawaf and said loudly ‘I’m making the Hijra, anyone who wants their wife to be a widow, meet me on the other side’
– [ ] Omar went to the house of the prophet and there were hardly any worldly goods. There was a straw mat the prophet was laying on. Omar cried. After being asked why he said ‘look at the glory of the leaders of Rome and Persia. You’re the greatest of creation and look at how you live’ The prophet sat up with the imprint of the mat on his side. The prophet said ‘oh Ibn Al Khattab even you? Don’t you understand my example is that of a man who sits for a while under the shade of a tree and then he moves on?’
– [ ] Once Omar came to visit the prophet. The prophet was with some of his wives. They were raising their voices above his. Omar knocked on the door and asked permission to come in. When they heard his voice they ran and dispersed. When Omar came in the prophet was smiling. Omar said ‘May Allah always keep you smiling’ The prophet said ‘I was smiling as I’m amazed at these women. They were raising their voice and when they heard you, they ran and hid’ Omar said ‘you are more worthy of being feared’. Then he said ‘oh women, do you fear me more than the messenger of Allah?’ They said ‘yes, you are more Harsh then the messenger of Allah.’ The prophet said, ‘let them go, don’t blame, for I swear by Him In who’s hands is my soul, wallahi, shaytaan never sees you walking a path, except that he takes another path. Why would these women not fear you, when shaytaan himself is intimidated by you?’
– [ ] Omar would say many prophetic words, where Allah revealed his words in The Quran. One example is when Omar said to the prophet ‘shouldn’t we make the Maqam Ibrahim a place of worship?’ Allah then revealed these same words. Another example is when he said to the wives of the prophet ‘Allah will replace you with someone better’
– [ ] Once, two tribes came to Abu Bakr and said there is some deserted land. Give it to us so we can plant things and the people can benefit from it. Abu Bakr asked mashwara from his companions and they said ok. Abu Bakr wrote a contract and made Omar a witness. Some companions brought the document to Omar and read it to him while he was busy with some camels. After hearing the contract, he picked the paper and spit on it and rubbed it out. Omar said, ‘the prophet used to give you from the ghanima when Islam was weak, so peoples hearts would come closer to Islam. Those who had been Muslims for longer were given less because they knew their deeds were for Allah. Allah has honoured Islam now so you don’t need these free things’
– [ ] The people went to Abu Bakr upset and said ‘we don’t know who the Khalifa is. Abu Bakr said ‘He is if he wants to be’
– [ ] Omar came upset and said, ‘this land, is it yours or does it belong to all the Muslims?’ Abu Bakr said ‘all Muslims’. Omar said ‘why did you give it?’ Abu Bakr said ‘I made shura with those around me’ Omar said ‘did you make shura with all the Muslims? This land is all the muslims’ Abu Bakr said ‘Oh Omar, I already told you, you have more strength to lead the Muslims, you’re more capable but you forced me to become khalifa’
– [ ] Omar demoted Khalid Ibn Walid from his position. Omar destroyed the idea that victory comes from Khalid, it comes from Allah
– [ ] Story of a boy being dragged into the courthouse at the time Omar was Khalifa. The boy accidentally killed two boys father by throwing a rock at him. The boy said ‘Their father threw a rock at my camels eye because it would tread on their property. So I was angry.’ Omar asked if the boys could forgive the boy. They said no. Omar asked ‘do you have any last wishes?’ The boy requests 3 days to go and retrieve some wealth for his brother after he dies. Omar trusts the boy even though he doubts him. Omar asks for a guarantor and nobody helped, except Abu Dhar Ghifari.
– [ ] The boy returned on the third day and after being asked why, he said ‘I didn’t want anyone to say a Muslim won’t fulfil his promise’. Abu Dhar says, after being asked why he put his life on the line, ‘I didn’t want anyone to think a Muslim needs help and his brother is not there for him.’ The boys then say, ‘how can we allow Muslims to be in a position where they need forgiveness and we don’t forgive? We forgive him’
– [ ] This is why Islam reached the border of China until the south of France during Omar’s caliphate
– [ ] Anas Ibn malik saw Omar creep into a garden and say to himself ‘well done Omar. Fear Allah or Allah will punish youl’
– [ ] Omar once walked on the minbar and said ‘I used to take care of camels and they would only pay me a handful of raisins’ Abdul Rahman Ibn awf said ‘you just made yourself look badI’ Omar said ‘my soul was telling me there’s nobody between you and Allah and you used to be a shepherd. I wanted to remind my soul where I came from’
– [ ] Omar once saw a body of a prophet in his grave with his companions. The body was intact. Omar requested his Companions to make 13 graves and put his body in a random one and cover them up, to prevent shirk.
– [ ] Omar went to Jaabia once and said Abu Obaida ‘let me go to your house’. Abu Obaida said ‘why? All you will do is rinse your eyes?’ Omar comes and he looks around. He says ‘do you have anything to eat?’ Abu Obaida brings crumbs and water. Omar said ‘nothing else beside this?’ Abu Obaida says ‘it’s enough for me to get by’ Omar began to cry and said ‘I swear by Allah the dunya has changed us all besides you’
– [ ] Omar came to Jaabia with 17 patches. The companions said ‘change your clothes when you arrive. Everyone will see you.’ Some narrations say he changed and wore new clothes. Omar then sees his companions and said ‘do you remember when we were a base nation and Allah honoured us through Islam? Where will we be if we leave the teachings of Islam?’ He changes again.
– [ ] Omar was taking turns with his khadim for riding the camel. As they approached Jerusalem, it was his servant’s turn. The servant says ‘you ride ameer’ Omar says ‘no, honour is for those who fulfil their promises’
– [ ] They reach what is still known today as the gate of Omar. The patriarch writes the deal and hands they key to Omar and begins to cry. He says ‘I’m crying because as long as the Muslims have a man like you they will never be defeated’
– [ ] Omar cleaned masjid Aqsa and prays 2 rakah. He asks Bilal to give the adhan. When he does, all the companions begin to cry. The white beards of the companions became wet with tears.
– [ ] Omar turned to the companions after salah and begins to cry. The companions said it’s a day to be happy why are you crying? Omar said ‘I remember the words of the the prophet, ‘it isn’t poverty I fear for you, I fear Allah unfolds the dunya before you. You compete in it like those before you. The dunya destroys like it did those before you’’
– [ ] Before Omar leaves he says ‘Allah has fulfilled his promise to you. Now you fulfil yours to Him, be thankful and do not sin. For once you sin, Allah will take His help away from you’
– [ ] There was a time of famine. Omar’s companions were worried for him because they knew if they were hungry, he was hungrier. Omar would hear his stomach growl and he said ‘whether you growl or not, you won’t taste food before the children around you taste it’
– [ ] One of the slaves killed Omar during salah. Abu Lu’lu’ah
– [ ] When he drank milk on his bed, it could come out his stomach. The companions knew he would die.
– [ ] Omar would collapse and the first thing he would ask is if he’s prayed fajr.
– [ ] His son brings a pillow for him and he says no, ‘if I’m destined for jahannam I’m not worthy of it, if I’m destined for jannah, The pillow of jannah are softer’
– [ ] He then prayed his salah and asks, ‘who killed me?’ After knowing he’s a fire worshipper, he says ‘Alhamdulillah the man who killed me didn’t even make one Sajda, therefore he can’t make a case against me on yawmal Qiyama
– [ ] He then asks his son Abdullah to ask Aisha RA if he can be buried next to the prophet. He says don’t say ameer Al mumineen. When Abdullah returns he says, ‘when I die, ask her again if I can be buried next to the prophet. If she says no, bury me with the Muslims’.


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