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Timeline of the Life of the Prophet (SAW) and the Khulafa ar Raashidoon

For the past few months I have been working on this project to help spread the Seerah and make the learning of it easier. It is a large poster measuring 8 ft x 3 ft. The intent is to spread this for free as a PDF and who ever wants to print it can print it. I used the following text books for the historical information:

  • Ar Raheeq Al-makhtum (darussalam)
  • Life of the Noble Prophet (saws) by Sallabi (3 vols)
  • Life of the Messenger by Imam Nawawi (published by Al-hidayah)
  • Life of the Prophet Muhammad by Dr. Mustafa As-Sibā’ī
  • History of Islam (Darussalam)
  • As-Sirat An-Nabawiyyah by Ibn Kathir (4 vols published by Center of Muslim Contribution to Civilization)
  • Biographies of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali and Hasan ibn Ali by Sallabi (darussalam and IIPH)

My heartfelt thanks to all the brothers and sisters who helped out in the fruition of this project, especially to Khan HA and M. Al-Hameedy for their valuable notes.

Please share this with your friends and family and if anyone wants to provide any feedback they can do so in the email address provided in the poster.

Download full-size pdf here

~ Mehdi H. Sheikh



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