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Az-Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam – life of a legend

Az-Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam was the sixth companion promised Paradise, from the 10 promised Paradise (Ashara Mubashara).

Lineage to the Prophet SAS

  • Mother’s side – his mum is Safiyyah Bint Abd al-Muttalib RA who is the Prophet SAS paternal Aunt. Makes Prophet SAS his 1st cousin
  • Fathers side – his father is Al-Awwam ibn Khuwaylid who is the brother of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid RA (Prophets SAS wife). Makes prophet SAS an uncle by marriage.
  • Via his wife Asma bint Abu Bakr RA (daughter Of Abu Bakr RA). Prophet SAS was married to his wife’s sister Aisha RA.


  • Extremely tall – his feet use to almost drag on the ground when riding on a horse.
  • Very muscular but slim and Athletic. Darkish brown skin and light beard.
  • He was a warrior. Fought in all the battles with the Prophet SAS. He had over 70 scars and wounds in his body. Urwa his son narrated he use to play with the holes in his body. Use to put their fingers in.


  • Father passed away when he was very young. Had a total of 4 brothers.
  • INCIDENT: Ibn Ishaq mentioned his Mother beat him when he was young for irritating her. His uncle said “why you beating him? Don’t you love him? She responded in Poetry “whoever says I hate him is a liar. I am hitting him so he may respond in battle and he may vanquish the army and come back with booty and so that his money may not be taken from him”.

Conversion to Islam

  • Converted within day after Abu Bakr RA converted. 5th person to convert. Was only 15 years old.
  • His uncle tortured him with fire after finding out he converted. Same uncle who didn’t want his mum to beat him.

Migration to Abbasiniya (6-7 months)

  • Treaty and agreement with the ruler Negasi.
  • Civil war between Negasi and his nephew. Muslims feared his nephew and couldn’t sleep worrying.
  • Zubayr RA volunteered to check whose winning. Swam up the Red Sea wearing a Leather pouch filled with air to help float.
  • Came back and shared good news with Muslims. Negasi won.
  • Went back to Makah when he heard incorrect news Prophet was killed and was first man to draw a sword for Islam.

Battles – Prophet SAS right-hand man and one of the General/Commander of the Army

  • Badr – he was one of few who rode a horse. He was severely wounded (2 holes in his body). Famous for wearing a yellow turban. Prophet SAS said “the Angels came down from Heaven (to assist the believers) in the appearance of Zubayr”.
  • Uhood – a man in particular was killing a lot of Muslims. Prophet SAS asked “who will tackle this person?” Zubayr killed him very quickly.
  • Khandaq (battle of trench) – rumours of Banu Quraydh about to break agreement with Muslims and do treason. Zubayr risked his life by entering enemy territory and verified they were saddling up in the middle of the night i.e. they have rebelled and are ready do attack within the inside. Prophet named him a Hawari (close disciple who will do everything for the Prophet). No other Sahabi given that title.
  • Khaybar (40 day battle) – Fought a giant who was challenging Muslims. Safiyya cried out he will kill my son. Prophet SAS said “Zubayr will kill him”.
  • Conquest of Makkah – He was one of the 3 flag bearers that entered Makkah. A prestigious moment.

Post death of Prophet

  • Close advisor of Abu Bakr RA and Umar Bin Kattab RA
  • Fought in other battles including Battle of Yarmuk, Battle of Egypt
  • Battle of Egypt – 7 months of stalemate near Fortress of Babylon (Suburb of Cairo). He was the game changer. He got up the walls and opened the doors for the Muslims.

Battle of Camel (Death)

  • Following death Of Uthmaan RA there was a civil war between Ali RA and followers of A’isha RA (who wanted revenge against the killers of Uthmaan RA)
  • Zubyar walked away from the battle as he didn’t want to fight his cousin and was later killed on his way to Madina by one of the member of the tribes who wanted to fight Ali RA

Other points to highlight

  • Married to Asma Bint Abu Bakr (RA) sister of A’isha RA. 2 well known sons were Abd Allah bin Zubayr and Urwa Bin Zubayr. Golden source of narrations. A’isha to Urwa to Hisham (son) to Imam Malik (student) who wrote the Muwatta.
  • He was very close friends with Talha ibn Ubaidullah. One narration showed that. All Talhas sons were named after Prophets. Zubayrs 11 sons were named after Shaheeds. Talha said “why you didn’t name your sons with more notable names?”. Zubayr said “because they can aspire to be Shaheeds but not Prophets”.
  • Not many hadiths. Only 3 or 4. He heard the Prophet say “whoever narrates anything wrong about me will go to Jahannam”.


  • Warrior – fought all the battles and had the scars to prove it.
  • Brave/courageous – demonstrated by his actions such as in Abbasinya and the battle of trenches
  • Title of Hawari (only Sahabi) – close disciple who would do anything for the Prophet and his religion.
  • Ashara Mubashara – one of 10 people who will go to Paradise.


  • We should all aspire to have the same characteristics (strong Imaan, brave, courageous and etc) as this great Sahabi.

SOURCE: Youtube Video by Dr Yasir Qadhi titles “Lives of Sahaba 39 – Az Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam (Ashara Mubashara)


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