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Ramadhan – Poem


Ramadhan has arrived so wake up and see..

How can we Muslims improve ourselves spiritually.

Exceeding in prayers and standing for Taraweeh,

Reciting the Quran and giving charity.

Refraining from evil thoughts and committing sins outwardly,

Rewards will be multiplied so don’t miss this opportunity.

There are many people in this month; who will receive Allah’s forgiveness and mercy,

Freedom from hell-fire..but will this be you and me?

In the last ten nights, hides the Night of Decree;

Allah (SWT) then awaits for His servants to cry and plea.

More than a thousand months equivalent of worship! Allah has given it to us so easy,

Lets seize every moment before the Shaytaan is set free.

Ramadhan is not about making samosas or eating onion bhajee,

It’s to attain taqwa and improve our piety.

So no time to be lazy or watch dramas on TV,

It’s time to make a U-turn and make our lives how it ought to be.

By Mawlana Aminul Islam



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