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Accomplishing TAWBAH



Tawbah is a brilliant exercise which removes the burden of sins. We are all aware of the sins we do and at times we feel depressed and uncomfortable in all affairs of life because of the darkness of our sins, it is a sign of true imaan that one feels the burden of sins as stated in the Ahadeeth.

Tawbah has many benefits and one benefit which is certain, is that it removes the depression and guilt of sins. Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi would explain this through the following example;
Just how explosives can blow a mountain away even though explosives are a creation of Allah so can Allah, the creator not remove the depression and burden of sins which seem like a mountain.

Tawbah is Sunnah (believe it or not!)

Al-Agharr bin Yasar Al-Muzani (May Allah be pleased with him) narrated that:
The Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him) said:

Turn you people in repentance to Allah and beg pardon of Him. I turn to Him in repentance a hundred times a day. (Riyadus Saliheen)

From the above Hadeeth we can see that our beloved Prophet would do Tawbah even though he didn’t need to do it but we need it so let’s get some Tawbah done insha’Allah.

  • Easy ways to do Tawbah:
  • Gives some charity
  • Read 2 Rakaah with the intention of Tawbah
  • Say ASTAGHFIRULLAH 3 to 100 times
  • Ask Allah to remove the love and pleasure of the sin
  • Ask Allah to replace this sin with good

By Mawlana Atif Mahmood


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