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6 Ways to get closer to the Quran


quranstepsChange is the biggest step in getting closer to the Quran, in order for us to get closer to
the Quran we must change something. We could change our habits, timetable or even changing our copy of the Quran by buying a brand new Quran, which may have some notes and commentary.


Love for the Quran will definitely grow if we make those key changes from above and show our love to the Quran by respecting it. We hold on to our phones excessively so lets try to hold the Quran in the same way this Ramadhan. Let’s try to start off with holding the Quran for 5 minutes. Insha’allah this exercise will work wonders and bring us closer to the Quran.


We are distant from the Quran because we don’t have a clue about what Allah is telling us in the Quran. We need to find a good teacher and learn Quran with them or we could join Zuhri Academy Islamic Diploma course. We need to learn how to read and eventually understand the Quran. We could understand the Quran by reading the translation. I would recommend the Noble Quran in English authored by the world renowned scholar Mufti Taqi Uthmani.


Surrendering is when someone gives up or hands over something. When a person surrenders they give up everything they were or are doing. In the very same way if we want to maximise our benefit from the Quran we need to surrender ourselves to the duty of reading and studying the Quran.


Like every achievement in life, certain things must be added and certain things must be excluded. To get closer to the Quran we need to exclude certain things from our timetable and daily habits. This is something which needs to be done individually as we all know which habits are distancing us from the Quran.


We have been made in a way that we tend to forget so reminding ourselves daily is a good way to get closer to the Quran. This could be done by downloading habit bull on our phones. This has been a really good and effective way to get closer.

By Mawlana Atif Mahmood


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