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Dealing with Calamities

Hardship, difficulties, trials, tribulations or calamities – whatever you may call them, the truth is we cannot run away from them. There are some people reading this who are going through calamities right now...


Dua: O Ever Living One (Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom)

Ibn ul Qayyim said “Remembrance endows one with vigilance (Sifat ul Muraaqaba) which opens the door of self reform. Entering it, the servant worships Allah as if he were seeing Him. There is no...


Dua: I am pleased with Allah (Radeetu billahi)

Allah has promised that anyone who says this three times every morning or evening will be pleased on the Day of Rising. [Tirmidhi, Ahmad] Audio: Transliteration: Radeetu billahi Rabbaa wa bil Islaami Deena wa...