Dua: O Ever Living One (Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom)

Ibn ul Qayyim said “Remembrance endows one with vigilance (Sifat ul Muraaqaba) which opens the door of self reform. Entering it, the servant worships Allah as if he were seeing Him. There is no way for the heedless man to reach the station of excellence (ihsaan), any more than for a seated man to reach his home.”




Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom bi Rahmatika astagheeth
Aslih lee sha’nee kullahu wa laa takilni ilaa nafsi tarfata ‘aynin

Translation of the Meaning:

O Ever Living One, O Self-Sustaining One, by You Mercy do I ask for your support in setting all my affairs right. Do not leave me to my soul for so much as a the blink of an eye. [Haakim]

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    Allah protect us

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