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A 14 Year old’s advice on knowledge

I’m just a 14 year old. To be honest, I did this to reflect upon my school report and perhaps you can do something better than me. Take the time out to read this and see what you get out of it. My father persuaded me to write this. I then put this out there as an inspiration for other readers so they could perhaps benefit from this advice.

  • We all need some discipline. It is key to succeed in life.
  • Good behaviour towards our teachers is compulsory. Remember, these are people who teach us how to live our lives and what we need for it.
  • Dedication is key. If you want to get somewhere in life, then put your head down and focus.
  • Presentation is important. People don’t have the time to read garbage and messy writing.
  • Learn something which will benefit you in life. Then act upon it. Then teach that to others.


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