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The Good Thieves

Book Review By Eesa Jamil, 12yr Old

I decided to read this book because of its catchy title, The Good Thieves. Has anyone ever heard of the good thieves? Thieves are supposed to be bad, right? Well, not these ones. The group of children involved in this novel are stealing something that was stolen from them.

Vita’s grandfather tells her how his ancestor’s castle was taken by an evil man called Sorrotore. After hearing this, she is desperate to put a smile on his face and intends to take back what was rightfully theirs. She gathers a group of children, two circus boys and, surprisingly, a pick-pocket. The squad went through many troubles, including taking fights where the odds were almost impossible. However, as a team, the four overcame many problems thrown at them, giving their best shot every time.

My Favourite Part

My favourite part was when Vita shows her desperation to make her grandad happy again. This is shown when she crafts many risky plans to outwit her enemies in order to regain their property.

Lesson From This Story

Determination. In order to be successful, you must keep on trying and give your very best. Another moral I learnt was teamwork. As a team, you can accomplish many things easier and faster. And finally loyalty. You should always be loyal to others and your promises. Loyalty will help you a lot in life.

I think you can take a lot of inspiration from this book. Thank you for taking the time out to read my review.


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