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Learn for a greater cause – the example of Zaid(RA)

Zaid bin Thabit ( رضي الله عنه‎ – may Allah be pleased with him) was known as kaatibun wahi (the one who writes down the revelations of the Quran sent to Muhammad ﷺ). He was also one of the top reciters and huffaadh (those who memorize the Quran). He accepted Islam at the age of 10 or 11, when the Prophet ﷺ migrated to Madinah.
He was too young to fight in the battle of Badr so Muhmmad ﷺ forbade him from fighting. Zaid started crying and his mother was deeply saddened as well. The Battle of Uhud came along and he was forbidden to participate again so his mother encouraged him to start memorizing the Quran instead (he was later accepted in the ranks of the Muslim army at the age of 19). After the Prophet ﷺ returned from the battle, Zaid had already memorized 17 chapters of the Quran. His mother told the Prophet ﷺ, “O Messenger of Allah, this son of mine writes very well and is among the best of those who read. He reads the Quran just as you would read O Messenger of Allah.” Messenger of Allah ﷺ decided to test the young boy and found him better than the description his mother gave. Muhammad ﷺ said: “O zaid, I want you to learn the Hebrew language. For we interact with the Jews and we want somebody trustworthy to communicate with them”. Just 2 weeks later, Zaid returned and declared: “O Messenger of Allah, I have learnt Hebrew and I have mastered it completely.” Prophet ﷺ then asked him to learn the language Syriainia, (Syriac) – a dialect of Aramic. 17 days later, he mastered that language completely as well after which Prophet ﷺ used to call Zaid to write down the revelations as descended from Jibreel (AS).

During the era of Abu Bakr (another companion and best friend of Muhammad ﷺ – may Allah be pleased with him), he was assigned the role of authenticating and collecting the oral and textual Quranic revelation into a single bounded volume. When he passed away, the people said; ‘Wallahi today we have buried so much of the knowledge Muhammad (saws) gave us.’


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