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Shaykh Amin-Uddin Katia (Rahimahullah)

(By Mawlana Muhammad Rayhan)

Shaykh Amin-Uddin was one of the leading Islamic scholars and preachers of Bangladesh, particularly in the Sylhet province.

He had founded over 50 Islamic centres and Madrasah seminaries.
He was a reformer and revivalist in Islamic academia and self-reformation.

Early life & Education

He was born in 1925 in Katia, Sunamgonj, (modern-Bangladesh).

He began his early Islamic education in Katia, thereafter in Fatly, Sunamgong, (modern-Bangladesh), during the British Raj days.

At the tender age of 15 he set off for Darul Uloom Deoband, India in 1940 to study under the great Shaykh Husain Ahmad Madani. He returned home prior to the independence in 1947.

Mentors & teachers

His mentor and teacher was Shaykh of Bagha -Rashid Ahmad (ra) thereafter Shaykh Husain Ahmad Madani (ra). He studied under him in India and stayed in his company for number of years.
Shaykh Katia was an avid deciple of Shaykh Madani, and served him on a full time basis as a result he was fortunate in acquiring many pious traits from him.

Foundation of Katia Madrasah

As soon as Shaykh Katia returned to Sunamgong, his home town he didn’t waste time in conveying the blessed knowledge he learned and guiding the community.

In 1948, he founded the first Islamic seminary in his native village which is famously known today as Katia Madrasah.

The illiteracy rate at the time was very high especially in the field of Islamic sciences. Shaykh tirelessly toured villages after villages and personally brought many students to the seminary.

From the very humble beginning, Allah gave shaykh the Tawfeeq (ability) to set up directly or through his students approximately over 60 Islamic seminaries in Bangladesh.


He was extremely devout and a true Zahid- someone who has no attraction to the dunya.
His dress code, eating habits and lifestyle as whole was the personification of the blessed sunnah. He would be troubled by witnessing sins and corruption. He would at times physically stop Haram activities perpetrated in public – to prevent Fasad- open corruption.

Community efforts

He was renown and much loved in and out of Bangladesh for his lifetime of effort and sacrifice. It was his habit that after fajr Salah he would walk for miles meeting people, advising them and ensuring a member of each family is trained in Islamic education.
He would tour the UK, US and many other parts of the world to meet his many followers and impart his advice, guidance and knowledge.

Spiritual efforts – he would selflessly mentor all who came to him in need of spiritual guidance and advice.

Shaykh received spiritual training and coaching from Shaykh Husain Ahmad Madani (ra) and Shaykh Khmargaw (ra) from Sylhet.
After receiving Ijaazah (licence) to train and coach others, the shaykh began to draw and attract thousands of people, all seeking guidance and reform from his blessed company.
Until his death, he continued to guide people especially in the month of Ramadan where thousands would come and do I’tikaaf with him.

Notable Students

Mawlana Asghar Ali, Nagdifur, Shunamgonj, Mawlana Asghar Ali, London, Mawlana Izzatullah, Katia, Mawlana Mukhtar-ud-Deen from Katia (d 2011), Mawlana Zameer-ud-Deen, Mawlana Mahmood Ali from Katia (d 2007).

Mawlana Abdul Latif, Katia
Mawlana Shareef Uddin, Shewra

Mufti Zillul Haque from Luton (Uk), is one of his early students. His grandfather Abdul Hakim and father Abdur Rahman were fortunate in helping Shaykh in the early days with the building work of the Madrasah. Mufti Sahib after graduating, also served as the Headteacher of the katia seminary for 7 years before moving to the UK.

Shaykh Abdul Hamid from Luton, also stayed in Shaykh’s company for number of years.

His sons who studied under him

-Shaykh Imadadullah, Principal of Katia Madrasah – he is his eldest son
-Hafiz Obaidullah, London
-Hafiz Yusuf, Canada


He left behind a huge contribution to the revival of Deen in his area and beyond. Today his students and grand students number in the tens of thousands, likewise his Islamic seminaries number in the hundreds.

Shaykh passed away in August 2010 at the age of 85.
Thousands of people flocked to his Janazah Salah.
He was buried in the Katia Islamic seminary.

May Allah make his grave a piece of Jannah. Ameen


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