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We used to know but we didn’t act

Ibnul Qayyim (RA) said,

“A girl died of the plague and her father saw her in his dream. He said, ‘my daughter, tell me about the hereafter. So she said, ‘We’ve approached a serious matter. We used to know but we didn’t act. I swear by Allah, to add one tasbeehah (saying Subhan Allah) or a single Rak’ah to my book of deeds is more beloved to me than the whole world and everything in it.’

This girl said words of great importance. ‘We used to know but we didn’t act’, but many of us don’t understand what she means.

We used to know, that if we say Subhan Allah wa bi Hamdihi 100 times our sins are forgiven even if they’re like the foam of the sea (yet days and nights pass and we don’t say it)

We used to know that two rak’ahs of Duha prayer is the equivalent of giving 360 charities (yet day after day pass and we don’t pray it)

We used to know that a house in the middle of Jannah is guaranteed for one who abandons lying even while joking (yet every second sentence we utter is a lie)

We used to know that fasting a day voluntarily for the sake of Allah puts a distance between our face and the fire the size of seven trenches and Allah distances our face from the fire the distance travelled in 70 years, (and we haven’t fasted single day this week)

We used to know that whoever visits a sick person is followed by 70,000 angels seeking Allah’s forgiveness on his behalf (but we haven’t visited a sick person this week)

We used to know that whoever prayed a funeral prayer and followed it till it was burried has two Qiraats of reward and a Qiraat is like the mountain of Uhud (yet weeks pass and we haven’t been to the graveyard.)

We used to know that whoever builds a mosque even if it’s like a bird’s nest Allah builds a house for them in paradise (yet we haven’t contributed to the building of a Masjid, even with 10 dinars)

We used to know that the one who supports the widow and her children is like the fighter in the path of Allah and the one who fasts all day and prays all night without sleeping. (Yet we haven’t contributed to sponsoring a widow and her children)

We used to know that whoever reads a single letter from the Quran has a good deed and every deed is multiplied by 10. Yet we haven’t made a point to read it every day.

We used to know that an accepted Hajj has the reward of jannah and it sends the person who completed it off like the day his mother gave birth to him. (With a clean book of deeds) yet we haven’t performed the rites of Hajj although our circumstances have made it easy for us.

We knew the honor of a believer is in Qiyam Al-layl, and that the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions never missed it all their lives despite being busy with making a living and fighting in the path of Allah and spreading the religion. But we have neglected this matter terribly.

We knew the Day of Judgment was coming without a doubt and that Allah will resurrect us from our graves but we haven’t prepared for that day.

We used to bury the deceased and pray over them but haven’t prepared ourselves for a day like this one, as if we have a guarantee that it won’t happen to us.

We know that every breath we breathe is getting us closer to death yet we’re still busy with amusement and playing. It’s time we change the way we’re living and prepare properly for the day of accounting.

On the Day a man will flee from his brother. And his mother and his father
And his wife and his children, For every man, that Day, will be a matter adequate for him.

Quran (80:34-37)


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