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Reminder about death

The most certain thing in our lives is our death and the most uncertain is the our point of death – this conflict exists in our hearts at every moment.

There are six stages in our life – this is just a move to the next one:

  1. Life in Lau Ho Mahfuz: Allah created all the souls that descended from Adam. Everything about our souls is documented. While our souls are being created, Allah asks; ‘Who is Your creator?” Everyone of us replied “You are’.
  2. Life in the mother’s womb After the soul is created it is sent down into the mother’s womb. All the food and nutrients the fetus needs is sent through the umbilical cord. The fetus lives 9 months in the mother’s womb and during that stay, it is transformed to a baby.
  3. Life in this world This starts from birth, the moment the baby breaths and cry for the first time. They are taught about Islam and the way of life.They in turn have children and teach them the ways of life. This stage is used to test human beings. To know how well they can adapt and how religious they are.
  4. Death Death occurs when the soul is removed from the body. In Islam, it is believed that the soul is kept in a good place until the Day of Judgment arrives (if the soul is a good soul).If the soul is evil (i.e a sinner or disbeliever), it is kept in torment until the Day of Judgment.
  5. Day of judgment/ Resurrection This is the stage in which all souls will get up from the graves and judged upon. After rulings from the day of judgment
  6. Once the fifth stage is passed, the good doers will enter paradise and the bad doers will enter hell.

Allah warns us that we cannot escape it {know that the death from which you seek to flee will surely meet you…} Surah Jumuah:ayah 8.

“Abu Nu`aym relates in his [book] al-Hilya from Thabit al-Bunani who said: night and day has 24 hours and there is not a single hour in which the Angel of death does not come upon a soul, presiding over it where if he is commanded to seize it he does otherwise he leaves.” We should be prepared for it.

“Ibn Abi Hatim relates from Ka`b who said: There is no house in which a person lives except that the Angel of death is at his door seven times a day looking in to see if there is anyone he has been ordered to take.”

“Ibn al-Najjar related in his Ta’rikh from Anas in marfu` form that: Every day the Angel of death looks into the whereabouts of the servant up to 70 times. When [the Angel of Death] is sent to the servant and he laughs, [the Angel of death] says: How astonishing! I am sent to you in order to seize your soul and you are laughing?”

Imam Ahmad records that even the angel of death does not know when a souls time is, except when he is commanded to collect it.

It was once said, “The night and the day are like two treasure-chests. So be careful of what you do in them.” Mujahid (d. 104H) said, “Not a day passes which does not say ‘O son of Adam, I have come to you today and I will never come to you again, So be careful of what you do during my stay!’

There is a poem that states:

“Life is nothing other than a road,

that leads to the Garden,

or to the Fire.

Its night’s are a man’s workshop,

And its days are his market place,

So time is surely the servants capital.”

Everything you’re chasing, everything you take pride in – know the end is here. Our dear brother has left everything – his family, his work, his friends. And here are only 2 things – your deeds and Allahs Mercy. And Allah(SWT) will never wrong anyone and you will get what you earned.

We will all go and our name will not be remembered. We have made it here today on our own means but there will be a day when we are brought here.

Aisha(Ra) said, “A sudden death is mercy for the believer and regretful for the wicked.” Muṣannaf Ibn Abī Shaybah 12007

“When Allaah wills good for His slave, He sweetens him.” He was asked, “What is this sweetening?” He said, “Allaah guides him to do righteous deeds before he dies, then He takes (his soul) whilst he is in that state.” Narrated by Ahmad, 17330

Death will not wait for you to repent. Repent and then wait for death to come.


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