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Do you want to be worthy of an ‘easy reckoning’ on the Day of Judgement?

Surah 84 Al-Inshiqaq, Aayat 7-8 “Whoever is given the Record in his right hand shall be called to an easy accounting”

Aishah(Ra) related: I once heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) supplicate during the prayer, thus: ‘O God, call me to a light reckoning’. When he brought his Prayer to a conclusion, I asked what he meant by that supplication. He replied: ‘Light reckoning means that one’s conduct book will be seen and one’s errors will be overlooked. O Aishah, the one who is called to account for his deeds on that Day, would be doomed.’

Abu Huraira (رضي الله عنه) narrated that “Whoever possesses these three qualities, Allah will make his reckoning easy and will have mercy on him by allowing him to enter the paradise:
(1) he gives to those who withhold from him,
(2) he forgives those who oppress him and
(3) he maintains ties of kinship with those who break it.” (Mustadrak Hakim Kitab at-Tafsir 2/563, Dur Al-Manthur)


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