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Enrich your hamd

The first word of the Qur’an is alhamdulillah and although we have talked about its meaning, its important we are able to appreciate the specific every-day blessings we experience to enrich our dhikr (remembrance) by focusing our mind and heart. Students of the Zuhri Sanatain programme listed out some of their personal reflections which we thought would be worth sharing – feel free to contact us with more if you’d like to share in the reward of helping others remember Allah(SWT) and feel the value of alhamdulillah.


  1. For giving me the gift of life
  2. For being a Muslim and born in a Muslim household
  3. For my physical health and not being dependant on anyone.
  4. For my mental health and the ability to make rational decisions
  5. For being part of family that prays
  6. The physical ability to pray and fast
  7. For the ability to reflect on my religion and make repentance
  8. For living in a society where I’m free to worship according to my deen
  9. For a prayer room at work and employers that allow me to pray and take time off for Jumma and Ramadhan
  10. For my parents, their health, their guidance and praise that I can spend time with them
  11. For giving me a pious wife
  12. For giving me the gift of children
  13. For giving me the gift of having healthy, happy children
  14. For giving me a job so I can provide for my family
  15. For giving me the opportunity to live in a society where I can learn about Islam
  16. For giving me good friends who give sincere advice and guidance
  17. For not testing me above a limit that I cannot handle
  18. For an opportunity to spend time with my grandparents
  19. From testing me with poverty
  20. For providing me with a roof over me and my families head
  21. For providing me with food
  22. For living in a society where we have no difficulty in getting halal food
  23. The opportunity to travel quickly in a masjid and pray
  24. For living in a society where we can teach our children Islam
  25. For the ability to buy and wear clean clothes for me and family
  26. For my hands and lips to hold and kiss my children
  27.  For giving me sincere neighbours
  28. For the opportunity to have a good education and provide an education or my children
  29. For the opportunity to do some good in society and help people
  30. For the ability to have wealth where I can give zakat and sadaqah/charity.
  31. To live in a society where we are safe from harm and persecution
  32. For every limb in my body
  33. The ability to see, hear, touch and taste
  34. Sending the last prophet (SAW) whose life we know in such great detail, and whom we can emulate for success in both this world and the Aakhirah
  35. Enabling me to utilise my skills to help with my financial stability
  36. Allowing me to work around colleagues who are supportive
  37. The ability to feel emotional sentiments in some depth, which allows me to empathise with others
  38. Providing me with the ability to have a real impact on someone’s life in a positive way
  39. Preventing me from any addiction to the ills of society, such as excess gaming and social media usage, allowing me to focus on the things that matter.
  40. Giving me the chance to live in a time which is experiencing great advancements in technology and information
  41. Making me a human being and a Muslim who is striving towards the Deen, as I could have easily been one of the many rocks or pebbles that are abundant on this earth if Allah willed, or a Munafiq during the time of the Prophet who will face great punishment in the hereafter.
  42. Preventing me from having a criminal record, allowing me to find employment with ease and not be shunned from society
  43. Allowing me to experience such diverse cuisine and perfumes
  44. Allowing me to listen to some of the best Qiraat by world renowned Qaris and having it recorded and stored on my device so that it can continuously inspire me towards excellence in my recitation for the sake of Allah
  45. Enabling me to live in a country which has excellent health care and a working judicial system.
  46. Preventing me from experiencing the Haraam temptations of this temporary world and the desires of my nafs so that I can, by the mercy of Allah, have something which is far better and greater in the Aakhirah In Sha Allah.
  47. My teachers in Sanatain who continue to support and inspire me on a regular basis
  48. The unconditional love from my mum.
  49. My dad for sacrificing his livelihood to come to the UK and for sending me to academic institutions in order to educate me on Islamic and worldly knowledge.
  50. Providing me with a job which I both enjoy and excel at.
  51. Providing a car, as without it would severely inconvenience and limit me in terms of work opportunities
  52. Enabling me to experience the world through travelling with my wife.
  53. Providing me with such welcoming and supportive in-laws.
  54. Allowing me to live in order to repent for my sins.
  55. Giving me the ability to turn towards Allah during both happy occasions and moments of grief and sadness.
  56. Allowing me to make Dua to Allah for anything that I may desire which is Khayr both in this world and the Aakhirah.
  57. Enabling me to have the means to stay hygienic.
  58. Giving me the capacity of intelligence so that I am able to be studious and purposeful in my studies.
  59. The privilege of wearing presentable clothes which are also to the liking of my wife.
  60. Providing friends who have supported me through my toughest times
  61. Allah’s protection.
  62. My father’s teachings and words of encouragement
  63. That nothing happens to me which I am not equipped to bear.
  64. My parents’ patience with my faults
  65. That I can turn to Allah whenever I need to and that He will listen to my pleas, Inshallah.
  66. That Islam can cloak me against the trials of modernity
  67. Water to drink, wash and bathe in, readily accessible.
  68. Food I can eat without needing to risk life and limb to get
  69. A roof over my head to protect me
  70. The sound of the birds after Fajr
  71. The sound of trees swaying after Isha
  72. That I have been given the capacity to learn and utilise my intellect from a place of ignorance
  73. That I can build my strength from a place of weakness
  74. That my life has a purpose beyond nihilistic hedonism
  75. Tissue paper (seriously)
  76. That I have a stable source of income and the means to attain it
  77. The warmth of a Muslim community to draw knowledge and inspiration
  78. That I was born in a time of (relative) peace
  79. That I can read the history of Islam and learn of the models of good conduct
  80. That I have free healthcare available to me when I need to access it
  81. That I can see the corrupting influences of life and have been given the capability to stand against it
  82. That I have not become a slave to my nafs. (Inshallah it remains this way).
  83. That Allah forgives and loves forgiveness – without this I would be lost.
  84. There are not enough words of gratitude to express over the fact that I was born into a practising Muslim family.
  85. That as far as I deviate, Allah still provides the rope to hang to and to get back onto the straight path.
  86. That there is forgiveness in sickness and tribulation
  87. That no deed, good or bad, goes unnoticed.
  88. That I can donate my blood to save a life
  89. That I can give charity to feed another
  90. That I have a sense of humour and can inspire it in others
  91. That humility, virtue and good conduct inevitably triumph over greed, arrogance and narcissism.
  92. That I do not need to bow to anyone except Allah
  93. My well being
  94. Having electricity
  95. Being disciplined
  96. My body being in good condition
  97. Being able to walk
  98. Learn and read the Qur’an
  99.  Able to go hajj/umrah
  100. Making my mum smile and be happy
  101. Eid
  102. Siblings
  103. Islamic Upbringing
  104. Opportunity to attend university
  105. Living in a place with heating during the winter
  106. Living in a an area with abundant greenery
  107. Islamic upbringing
  108. Being in a country not affected by natural disasters
  109. Being born in a country thats not at war – Peace
  110. Ability to breathe clean air
  111. Ability to travel around the world and see Allah’s creation
  112. Being grateful for having to ability to laugh
  113. Being grateful for having the ability to show sadness and remorse
  114. Having good and pious friends
  115. Having people who critique you and also motivate you to do better
  116. Having a lord that is Most Merciful
  117. Having both parents who are healthy
  118. The internet which lets you access unlimited knowledge
  119. Existence of books and movies for entertainment
  120. Real Madrid wining three ucl’s in a row
  121. Walls that prevent insects from coming in unlike in Pakistan
  122. Supermarkets that sell a wide variety of food
  123. Phones to make calls especially when it’s urgent
  124. Constant electricity
  125. Hot showers
  126. Both great grandmas still being alive
  127. Ability to criticise the govt unlike in other countries
  128. The feeling of security after Salah
  129. That Allah has raised me in a household with the remembrance of Allah and the practice of the Deen.
  130. That I still have both of my parents who have taken exceptional care of me and that they are in good health.
  131. That I can still see with both of my eyes despite requiring glasses to correct it.
  132. For making me a Muslim in Britain where my way of life is protected far better than most places in the world, as such I can observe my religious practices without persecution.
  133. I am grateful for an excellent education that has landed me a decent job; and by extension I can earn a halal income.
  134. For granting me the opportunity to be studying at Zuhri in the Sanatain program amongst friends and a noble gathering of brothers and knowledgeable teachers.
  135. For placing me in the community of Luton, a community which is very close and amongst the strongest Islamic communities in the UK, I hope!
  136. For the excellent health that I have been granted as a result my ability for worship Allah with ease and comfort is not hindered.
  137. That I work in a firm where everyone is Muslim. I am able to go to the Masjid for Salah and practice Islam in a non-restrictive environment in relative ease and comfort. Also my workplace is close to home which saves me having to commute.
  138. Having access to a multitude of Masjids, Madrasahs and facilities all within a close vicinity unlike many places in the UK where people struggle to find even one such place.
  139. Being assured of my sustenance every day; very good sustenance I may add and not being touched by poverty unlike many places in the world, with such cases even close to home.
  140. Having been taught Quran and Tajweed correctly at a young age to a decent standard that I can recite in Salah correctly, recite Quran independently with little to no major mistakes.
  141. Being in a state of safety and security, with a beautiful home and excellent neighbours who have never given me any trouble.
  142. Having had the opportunity to get involved in the community, meet many people and become well acquainted with many professionals, many of whom have taken an active interest in helping me develop both spiritually and physically.
  143. For great friends and family who look out for me and have my best interests in mind.
  144. Being financially secure enough that I have almost always been able to buy the things I need and want, never having to borrow loans from anyone. This is coupled with a stubborn mind-set that I don’t chase after brands or lavishness and being very sensible in my spending. This I believe is a great blessing for me as it has become common in this day and age for people to try live lives bigger than they’re capable of as a result of which they are unhappy or depressed.
  145. Being known in my family to be someone reliable and trustworthy, not being shunned nor disliked in
  146. Having valuable skills that are in demand from day to day and respected in the community, one such skill is in DIY which has helped me throughout my life and allowed me to assist my family and people in the community.
  147. A generally positive mentality, not being struck by depression nor been discouraged from living life to a good standard and generally being very happy with what Allah has given me.
  148. That I am very close to all of my extended family and relatives and that most of them live in the UK, within easy reach. Being a very social person this is very important to me and as an additional blessing many of them are very practicing.
  149. Having being honoured to travel to Al-Aqsa along with the other harams, to meet our Palestinian brothers and fulfil one of the recommendations of our beloved Prophet.
  150. Having been given a good night’s sleep and being given life the next day most days of my life so far.
  151. For not being tested with the difficulties that people in more difficult situations are facing, as a result of which some of these people begin to question or even lose their faith.
  152. For having the ability to communicate and express myself verbally with ease despite having a slight stammer and at times mixing up words.
  153. Within 2 years of working I managed to help my father pay off the mortgage on our family’s home.
  154. I have a fast metabolism which means I can enjoy the amazing sustenance of Allah without having to be too self-conscious or having to worry about growing fat and lethargic.
  155. Generally being an easy-going person, not having any feuds or grudges with anyone, as such it is very easy for me to socialise and get along with people.
  156. Having a well recorded family history, knowing my heritage and being able to speak my mother tongue well.
  157. I am grateful for the wisdom to realise and appreciate the blessings I have been granted by my lord that in my youth I would have overlooked.
  158. For the opportunity to help an elderly gentlemen during my first Umrah who needed help carrying canisters of ZamZam, among the many people passing him Allah turned my attention to notice and help him carry his things to his hotel. Despite not being able to communicate due to the language barrier, I can remember his beautiful smile, embracing him and the Dua that he made for me. At the time it felt unusually strange to me, almost as if Allah sent that man solely to test me, as I was the only person who seemed to notice him walking in difficulty.
  159. On one occasion having the chance to have exercise patience and reconcile with my relative when I
    was extremely frustrated.
  160. Friends that do not lead me a stray from the path I have set out to be on
  161. My height so I can reach things with ease
  162. The maturity to guide those in my family who are younger than me
  163. Not letting the things I have in this life allow me to lose sight of what this life is truly for (to get to Jannah)
  164. Healthy teeth so I have the confidence to smile at people as smiling is sunnah
  165. The tragedies in my life that have given me reason to appreciate the short life that I have
  166. A full thick head of hair
  167. Having a brain to judge right and wrong.
  168. Having showbox so I don’t have to go to the cinema.
  169. Giving us seasons so we can have different fruits
  170. Giving me lots of opportunities to get into paradise.
  171. Being from the Ummah of the Prophet (SAW)
  172. Giving us the moon to calculate days & months
  173. Setting out the earth so we can access it
  174. Strong, working limbs giving me the ability to carry out everyday tasks, play football but, most importantly, worship Allah.
  175. The good grades I achieved because I could have only done it with the permission and help of Allah.
  176. The atmosphere of the Earth which protects us from cosmic and solar radiation.
  177. The trees and the plants which provide us clean oxygen, allowing us to breathe.
  178. I am grateful that Allah has constructed the universe so perfectly that is enables life to thrive on Earth.
  179. The day so that during that time, I can work and learn is clear sunlight.
  180. The night so that I may rest calmly.
  181. The rain which gives life and vegetation.
  182. I am grateful that Allah has given this ummah Ramadhan and Laylatul-Qadr where we can gain millions of more rewards than previous nations despite our shorter lifespans.
  183. I am grateful for the work and efforts of the previous Muslims that spread Islam far and wide as perhaps I may not have been Muslim if not for them.
  184. Sense of humour allowing me to see things in a different perspective
  185. Memories
  186. The challenges Allah has placed me within, for me to learn from, always taking me back to acknowledging him


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