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How to earn Allah’s Love & the People’s Love




By Mawlana Muhammad Rayhan | Rabi’uth Thani 1438


Naturally, humans desire love from others. To fulfil this desire, many are willing to change their dress, appearance, and even their manner of speech with the intent of gaining attention and, consequently, love.
I found a special hadeeth that I have been entertaining in my mind which encompasses this topic, and is commonly presented by the learned Ulama, I would like to share it with my readers.
The hadeeth states;

Abstain from this world (from its extreme love) then Allah will love you, and abstain from what people possess then people will love you (Bayhaqi).

As usual our beloved guide and Prophet (may Allah bless him) kept the advice incredibly simple yet very strong in effectiveness.
Why would Allah deny His love to the servant who abstains from the love of this world (Dunya) despite being created within it with all the desires and will power? Instead, this servant avoids making deep attachments to this world by keeping faith in Allah and His promise!

The People will love you

The worst ‘friends’ are those who befriend others to keep an eye on finances and wealth. Some people have this cunning and deceitful version of friendship. They cannot meet or greet people without having ulterior motives for their victims’ wealth or favours.
Why would I dislike a person who values friendship, and is not influenced or motivated by wealth nor poses threat to my family, possession and/or status?
Let us practise abstinence and Zuhd as a way of gaining the affections of the people that we share the world with and, ultimately, our creator Himself will show His love, inshaAllah.



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