Gems from Surah Al-Kahf – for the fathers

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2 Responses

  1. Adnan Haruf says:

    Excellent reminder, the most beneficial speech is that of Allaah, and all that comes from it is so important for the purification of the soul

  2. Nasir Mahmood says:

    The most important feature is to recite Quran & apprehend its meaning. We most of muslims do not recite Quran in Urdu or english with the fear that its not acceptable to allah or its reward will be less than reciting on Arbia. These golden verses r full of rewards & a clear life time lesson & clear direction to all bit if u do not apprehend inspite of 100 time recitation in Arabia then it is useless & rewardless exercise. Therefore we should emphesise to prefer to apprehend the meanings of Every verse of holy Quran instead of simple recitation even 1000 times only then the Muslim Ummah will be benifitted first & then these benifits will be spread all over the world in a polite & loveable communication system on all channels & even breast to breast.