The first emergency clinic in Islamic history

Aisha (RA) said: Sa’d ibn Muadh was wounded on the Battle of Al-Khandaq (the Ditch)… Then the Prophet (SAW) set up a tent in the mosque for Sa’d to be able to visit frequently” – Bukhari chapter on expeditions (416/8)

Commenting on this, Ibn Hajar stated that: “The Messenger of Allah(SAW) actually let Sa’d stay in Rufaydahs tent in the mosque. She was known for her skills in treating the wounded. The Prophet(SAW) said “let Sa’d stay in her tent so that I can visit him from a close distance”

Rufaydah was a female companion and a physician who set up a tent in the Prophet’s mosque. This tent is known as the first emergency clinic in Islamic history. – Fath ul Bari 415/8

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