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Mental health and Hajj – research, insights and practical advice

A review of research relating to Hajj and the impact of the Hajj on mental wellbeing. Presentations were delivered by the following experts on the following topics:

  • Javid Patel, Chair of the NHS Improvement Muslim Network, who spoke about the connection between Hajj and mindfulness
  • Dr Zavid Chariwala, GP for British Hajj Delegation, who spoke on common mental health conditions found in the Hajj
  • Rashid Mogradia, CEO for Council of British Hajjis, who gave a comprehensive review of the Hajj in 2018 and the health challenges on the ground
  • Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General for Muslim Council of Britain, who provided an overview on the work he has been doing around vaccinations and infection outbreaks associated with the Hajj
  • Ian Walker, Mental health consultant at Public Health England, gave an overview of the research around Hajj and mental health and how Hajj has a positive impact on mental wellbeing
  • Clare Lyon-Collins, Mental health lead for NHS Improvement, provided a rich background on mental health and the distinction between mental health and mental illness as well as mental health awareness

The presentation slides are available at

[slideshare id=115160953&doc=hajjpresentation-allslides-compressed-180918095152]


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