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Great interview tips


  1. Find the pseudo-leader / decision maker on the panel and get their approval
  2. Pick up cues from their opening preamble and comments
    1. “Big thinking”, “Strategic”, “Under-served”
  3. Clearly state 3 things, and only THREE
  4. Only use I-I-I … not “We” unless you state clearly your contribution
  5. WOW factor can only be landed in the first 2-3 questions. Tell them early how you meet their requirements. Show your passion, not a stock response.
  6. Tell a story – show the problem and how you can uniquely work to solve it.
  7. They’re not looking for the finished product – highlight where you have learnt from experiences and how you can use that in this role. If you state a weakness, follow it with what you’re doing about it.
  8. They are looking for candidates who are reaching their ceiling. Prove you are ready and are looking for a “bigger challenge”
  9. Show insight and intelligence – what have you learnt about the company?
  10. Pick on the key items in the JD and build great examples


Always ring the number and ask them subtlely “What are you looking for?”


Dress: smart, right size, blue shirt, shoes polished.

>>> Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.


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