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Benefit people with simple advice

Imam Suhaib Webb in his final days in Azhar was drinking tea awaiting his teacher and he was approached by an elder who mistook him for a scholar.

Despite his stating he was only a student, albeit one who had completed his iftaa course, the man said he had a very hard question but insisted that it must be answered with a condition – the answer couldn’t be like these scholars because their speech was difficult to digest or benefit from (Kalaam laa yu’kal wa laa yufham).

He then proceeded to ask his question “Why do we say min sharri – where has the noon gone” – he was referring to the ikhfaa rule of tajweed. Shaykh Suhaib began as he had been taught “Qaala ibn ul Jazari fee Jazariyah…” to which the elder exclaimed “laa laa, this is exactly what they do”. So out of frustration Imam Suhaib said this is how it was revealed (hakadha nuzilat), to which the elder said “Really” (Sah), and Imam Suhaib responded “Really” and the old man said that’s all I wanted to know and he was satisified.

The lesson from the story is to speak at the level of your audience and seek to benefit them rather than showing off your knowledge.


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