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Value your youth before old age

Youth consists of strength and energy to eat, drink, travel and to carry out numerous activities.

Youth is estimated to be up to age 40. People grow in knowledge and wisdom until age 40.

Islam encourages us to value it and to avoid wasting it.

The rewards are huge for engaging in productive activities like worshipping Allah,
‘a person who spends his youth in the worship of Allah will be amongst the VIP people enjoying the shade of Allah’s throne on the day of Qiyamah.’

Allah praises the youth of the cave – As’haabul Kahf – for abandoning evil and heading towards good.

How to value youth

Education– is the most important programme for all youth, the mind is fresh and young to absorb information. Islamic and academic education must be studied.
It is the duty of all guardians to enrol their children onto early Maktab programmes and to ensure they get good schooling as well.

This includes Islamic upbringing – meaning the guardians must create and an environment of practising the Islamic values from good manners to cleanliness.

  • Volunteering for charity work is very helpful for one’s growth both spiritually and emotionally. It creates sympathy and realisation of one’s  own blessings bestowed by Allah
  • Learning life skills like maintaining one’s house, basic DIY and gardening 
  • Learning money management– adults must teach the young ones how to manage money without miserliness nor extravagance. The harms of materialism. Tawakkul- relying on Allah whilst searching for jobs and means of income.
  • How to establish and maintain relationships with family and relatives from a young age. Being disconnected from relatives is not in Islam.
  • Engage in physical activities rather than continuous screen time
  • Daily Quran like Yaseen and Mulk
  • Daily Dua and Zikr
  • Watch useful documentaries
  • Daily Salah in the Masjid

Above are some useful tips on valuing one’s youth and time.

I pray to Allah for Tawfeeq- ability to value our youth and time – Aameen



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