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Personal reflections : travelling to Allah’s house

  • The pinnacle of our life should be calling out in response to Allah(SWT) as verbalised in our talbiyyah – O our Lord, we are here for you and there is nothing which we will pay any attention to other than you. Until this becomes our daily call, we have not understood our purpose.
  • Wearing ihram is a profound reminder of our death – surely shrouding yourself in your final robes should place us in a state of mind where we can recognise our priorities. We need to build into our daily routine, ways of bringing this context to the forefront of our mind whether through visiting the graveyard, remembering the deceased, making dua for the deceased or attending a salaatul janaza, imagining we are being placed in our grave as we lie on our bed, visualising the Hereafter (this one itself is one which I need to work on as it still seems like a story rather than than an impending reality) etc.
  • During the short periods of illness while on umrah, it is truly humbling to appreciate how needy we are that we can not even control what we have eaten (stomach problems) or decide to eat (nausea/dental problems)
  • I spent more time reading the seerah during this visit and it really brought me closer to valuing our Beloved Messenger – SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam – and His magnificent companions – ridhwanAllahu alayhim ajma’een
  • It’s an honour to know Allah(SWT), to remember him, to be able to prostrate to him, to visit the land of His Beloved – SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam – and the Khaleel of Allah – Alayhim us salaam. This honour is one we have been granted for free and yet how little we value it
  • Tawaaf is a wonderfully, unique form of ibaadah which really helped me talk to Allah(SWT) and confess my weaknesses and express my desires. Again, this is something we need to get into the zone for as its a state of mind which you can access through focused rotation around the ka’bah. Rasoolullah – SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam – used to find quiet times before Prophethood through meditation in the Cave of Hira and thereafter in his salaah. We need to institute dedicated dua times – perhaps in the early hours of the morning when all else is still and the Almighty – Azza wa Jal – seeks out those who call on Him.tawaf salaah kabahdoor kabah ihraam


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