It is reported that Muḥammad [Ibn Sīrīn] – Allāh have mercy him – said:

We were once in the house of ʿAlqamah b. Qays. Rabīʿ b. Ḵuthaym entered upon us and sat in a corner of the house. Then he said, “Speak only a little except for nine things:

  • Subḥānallāh
  • Al-ḥamdulillāh
  • Laā ilāha illallāh
  • Allāhu ʾakbar
  • Reciting the Qurān
  • Enjoining good
  • Forbidding wrong
  • Asking Allāh for what is good and
  • Seeking His protection from harm (evil).”

Hannād b. Al-Sarīy, Al-Zuhd #1108.