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Sacrifice of Eid Ul Adha

Allah has wisdom over everything and no one can be compared to his infinite abilities. It’s through his wisdom and blessings that our tests are made easier than of those that where tested before us.

Today’s read is about sacrifice and the tests put before Ibraheem A.S

If I asked you tell me what the word Sacrifice means means, I’m fairly sure you would rightly say “Sacrifice means to give up something that you value”.

You would probably have a long list of things that you valued and had to give up because other events had to take precedence.

What was YOUR Biggest sacrifice?

I’m and fairly certain that no matter what you had to give up, regardless of the number, and who it was for, it could not have been a sacrifice that was greater in test than the one decreed by Allah swt for Prophet Ibraheem A.S to carry out.

Our prophet Ibraheem a.s was tested on many occasions,

1, Disagreements with his father over idol worshipping

2, Stepping into Fire

3, Leaving his wife Hajra and Son Ismael in the barren lands of Makkah alone under the intense heat

However, there was another BIG test to come for Ibraheem A.S

One day Ibraheem A.S saw in his dream that he was to sacrifice Ismail.

When Ibraheem A.S mentioned this to Ismail , the reply from Ismail was fascinating.

He said “o my dear father, go ahead and do what you are ordered” and he went on to say “ Insha Allah you will see me among those who are patient”.

What a response!

Both prophet Ibraheem A.S and Ismail walked towards a site called Mina and there the Satan tried to persuade Ibraheem A.S away from carrying out the command of Allah swt by saying, “you have only seen a dream. Why should you slaughter your son in his prime age?”

Prophet Ibraheem A.S threw pebbles on Satan to overcome him.

When the time finally came for the sacrifice to take place, Ismails belief in Allah swt was so strong that he was advising his father Ibraheem A.S on how to carry out the slaughter.

He asked Ibraheem a.s to tie his hands and feet to stop him jumping around, and also requested that the knife he was going to use to be sharp, so that when he runs it on his throat the soul can leave fast.

What happened next is a blessing of Allah that we all enjoy today. Allah Swt called out to Ibraheem a.s and told him to stop and carry out the sacrifice by slaughtering a lamb instead of his his son Ismail.

How many blessing of Allah swt can we deny?

Can you imagine, if Ibraheem A.S and Ismail were disobedient in carrying out the sacrifice. Would Allah swt have changed his order, and we today we tested in the same manner?

It’s through this mercy of Allah swt and the obedience of Ibraheem a.s and Ismail that come Eid Al Adha we muslims have to sacrifice an animal instead of our child. Alhumdulilah, Allah truly is great.

Whilst this sacrifice is ordered by Allah swt and we carry it out, I often ask myself is this too easy? Did I really value the money I spent on sacrificing the animal or did I even value the animal itself for me to feel I “gave” something up.

Maybe we can make additional sacrifices too. Things that we know are displeasing to Allah but we still do them because we value them the most, Like they say the bigger the sacrifice the better the reward!

May Allah bless you with a happy Eid Al Adha and except all our efforts, prayers and sacrifice Insha allah.


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