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Ever uncertain what to be grateful for? Alhamdulillah for …

When asked to share their personal reasons to say Alhamdulillah when doing their adhkar (remembrance), students of Zuhri Institute said …

  1. I am grateful that Allah has created me, and given me the ability to be grateful. It goes without saying that none of the below would be possible without Allah
  2. Islam – as a kid I didn’t realise how valuable is and the blessing I received by being born into Muslim family. I only came to appreciate this in my teens when I saw people struggle with their faith.
  3. Parents – they raised and provided for me with the little they had, they tried their best to get me to follow the deen, focus on my studies and become a good person.
  4. My wife – she supports me in everything I do, advises me on difficult decisions and helps me to become a better person
  5. My cat
  6. My siblings – Alhamdulillah they are decent people who help me to look after my parents
  7. My senses
  8. My aunties – I refer to my aunties as my second mums, they supported me through a lot of personal trials and they supported me when I wanted to get married at a young age
  9. My uncles – they provided me with various life lessons from a young age, basic things like how to communicate to others in a respectful manner and how to use computers!
  10. The NHS – my father is a heart transplant patient, he is currently using a heart pump device that essentially replaces the function of his blood and circulates blood through his body. If my father was in Bangladesh he would most likely not be alive, the NHS has provided him with a lifeline, a potential pathway to recovery and on going support with medication and rehabilitation.
  11. My grandmother – I am grateful for her as she is the only grandparent I got to spend time with as a child
  12. My teachers – I have had a lot of teachers in my academic studies many of which had a profound effect on how I view the world of work. In particular I am grateful for my college history teacher who showed what it means to be humble yet excellent master of teaching.
  13. My friends – I am grateful that I have friends who strive to be on the deen, who correct me when i make a mistake, and advise me when I am having difficulties
  14. My in-laws – for welcoming me to their family and supporting my wife and I during our initial marriage period
  15. A place to call home
  16. My job/employer – I am grateful for my employer because they provide me with the good training and they are good people … when my father became ill they gave me the time off with pay, they have flexible working opportunities and the team are really knowledgeable
  17. The Ability to Drive
  18. My Car – I remember my first car had no windscreen wipers/washing, no a/c and was an absolute banger. Alhamdulillah I am now in a position where i can enjoy the creature comforts of some A/C, working wipers and even a heated seat or tow.
  19. My laptop – another creature comfort, Alhamdulillah I am fortunate enough not to have to endure the curse that is the windows OS.
  20. My phone/ipad – Alhamdulillah I am fortunate enough not to have to endure the curse that is android …
  21. Water – I am grateful that I have easy access to clean water, i am never more grateful for this than during Ramadan in the summer …
  22. Supermarkets – I am grateful for the ability to go into any supermarket and get any (halal) food with ease
  23. Heating – as winter is slowly coming, i am grateful for the ability to warm myself up using central heating, fan heaters etc.
  24. Online learning – I am grateful that we now have easy access to education online, and i’ve never been more grateful for than during this pandemic. I still could attend lectures and classes from a distance.
  25. Travelling – I am grateful that we have relatively easy means to travel (obviously not at the moment because of corona)
  26. Paracetamol/Ibruprofen – I am grateful for a quick remedy for small pains
  27. Food – I am grateful that there is a variety of cuisines on the planet … not just rice and curry
  28. English translations – I am grateful that there are english translations available of arabic texts, without which these texts would be inaccessible for me
  29. Scholars – I am grateful that we have scholars who help us navigate the trials of our era
  30. My education – I am grateful for the university I attended which helped me to obtain my current job
  31. Harefield hospital – they are the specialist hospital that provides care for my father’s heart condition
  32. My town – I am grateful that I live in Luton, which has a good muslim community
  33. Sanatain – I am grateful to be on the sanatain course as I hope this will help improve my man, become a better muslims
  34. This week I came from work and I had the worst headache, could not look but Alhamdulillah I was able to lie in my bed in comfort, had pain killers and have a rest without worrying about anything.
  35. My son massaged my head Alhamdulillah and even though the headache didn’t go, I was grateful for having that relationship, knowing my son was there to try relieve my pain.
  36. I was running late for work one day this week but alhamdulillah my work colleagues helped me out by setting up before I reached as that was my job or otherwise, I would have fell behind. Alhamdulillah for having good colleagues like them.
  37. If my children have problem with us or peers, I have people to turn to for advice both family teachers and other professionals. Alhamdulillah for having people like them around me every day.
  38. Alhamdulillah, I feel blessed as I have very good people around me who are always ready to help me. My wife and myself had to go to work early one day and we had nowhere to leave our children as clubs are closed currently at school. My brother in law dropped them off on time and then he went to work otherwise one of us would have missed work that day.
  39. Even though gym is closed I can go out for run and get fit. Alhamdulillah, I have this motivation.
  40. Alhamdulillah for my Ustaad who made me realise we can’t thank Allah enough for what we have.
  41. We have been waiting to do our walk-in wardrobe since we moved in a year ago, which we did not think we would be able to do until next year due to financial issues, but alhamdulillah it will be done this Sunday.
  42. I cleaned my front garden this week Alhamdulillah,
  43. Due to some personal financial commitments, we have not been able to do as much as we usually would have this past year but alhamdulillah for the being patient and trusting Allah.
  44. The understanding between me and my wife helped to focus on our priorities and now we are in a position we can have and do more alhamdulillah.
  45. When I come from work tired and find my children happy and smiling makes me grateful every day for what I have and this also motivates me at whilst I am at work too.
  46. Alhamdulillah my mum who is back home is well and that she has us her children to provide for her and
  47. I am able to cargo things to her whenever she needs something or when I wish to gift her something. I have sent her gift this week made my mum very happy Alhamdulillah.
  48. When my father had a stroke I was able to book a flight that day. However he passed away before I landed but alhamdulillah I performed his ghusl and was there for his janazah.
  49. Alhamdulillah for good neighbour who just brought delicious cake for us. We loved it.
  50. Allah has given me the ability and provision to be able to accommodate my sisters and brothers when they want to come to stay as I am the eldest brother and have a duty to look after them. They came this week alhamdulillah we all had a great time.
  51. Even when I am unable to go to the gym or outdoor for a run, I am able to go my garden and punch my boxing bag and do laps in the garden as alhamdulillah there is ample space to do so.
  52. Alhamdulillah, I have got safety goggles recently which I can go for my run with as my eyes get effected from rough weather.
  53. Alhamdulillah, I have replacement sofa as our order got delayed and we didn’t have sofa for over a year. Now we can sit comfortably alhamdulillah.
  54. My son wanted a mirror in his room which needed to be drilled to the wall, alhamdulillah I am able to do small diy jobs around the house, eliminating the need to call around, wait for someone and the additional cost.
  55. Alhamdulillah I am able to learn Islamic knowledge now.
  56. Alhamdulillah my son did very good in both maktab and school this week.
  57. Alhamdulillah I was able to earn some extra money this week, I can buy something for my wife which she wanted for a long time.
  58. Alhamdulillah I still was able to spend quality time with my family this week even though I was really busy with two jobs.
  59. Alhamdulillah I was able to drive to work and back safely. I travel 80 miles every day.
  60. Alhamdulillah my brother travel to UK from Bangladesh safe and sound this week.
  61. Alhamdulillah, I had some time to rest between my two jobs.
  62. Alhamdulillah, for my new laptop I am working on for first time.
  63. Alhamdulillah for healthy and hearty food I had for lunch today, alhamdulillah I get choose what I should eat.
  64. Alhamdulillah ,
  65. Alhamdulillah, I have finished my home work
  66. My parents and everything they have done/sacrificed for me
  67. My mental health
  68. My hands enabling me to do actions
  69. My feet enabling me to go places
  70. My job that is good
  71. My job is not to far away
  72. I was born a Muslim
  73. I am not under any crippling addiction
  74. I have friends that remind me about the Deen
  75. That I have clothes to wear
  76. That I have access to hot shower
  77. That I have furniture
  78. That I have a fast laptop
  79. I have a healthy body
  80. I am able to sleep at night
  81. That I have a warm bed
  82. I was able to read Quran from a young age
  83. I was able to learn tajweed from a young age
  84. I was able to live in a different country for a long while.
  85. I was able to go Umrah multiple times
  86. I was able to experience my dua at the ka’bah being accepted
  87. I was able to visit and see Pakistan multiple times
  88. I was able to learn Urdu to a good level
  89. I was able to learn Arabic to a beginner level
  90. I am able to keep a beard
  91. My missus knows how to make paratha
  92. The ease at which we live life
  93. What I have been tested with in life
  94. The great community we live in
  95. Living in an area where there are lots of masjids and you are not having to travel far for simple things like praying in jammat.
  96. Easily accessible Islamic resources
  97. All the Ustad on the course
  98. Ability to read and write and take on board new knowledge
  99. Good (Muslim) companionship
  100. Ability to practice Islam openly
  101. Being free from oppression (physical)
  102. Signs of Allah swt
  103. The way the little things in life we don’t think about all fall in place to make the bigger plan work
  104. Visiting a lot of countries the year before Covid and meeting people from different backgrounds
  105. Going abroad and seeing the many beautiful places and the creations of Allah swt
  106. Due to work I travel a lot and end up praying at many different masjids and many outdoor locations across uk.
  107. Provision that has been written for me
  108. Earning a halal income
  109. Have freedom at work and being able to manage my own time
  110. The many openings in business and being protected from major problems
  111. Having a strong family who are all still in contact and always ready to help
  112. Ability to give charity
  113. Saxon Road peri peri and the other 100 food places to choose from in Luton
  114. How easy it is to access basic necessities like water
  115. Salah
  116. Quran
  117. My ability to breathe with ease
  118. The food that I’m able to have everyday
  119. A safe stable home
  120. My mobile phone
  121. Free healthcare
  122. Free Education
  123. My ability to drive and travel
  124. My senses (smell/sight etc)
  125. My sanity
  126. Being able to feel emotion
  127. Living in a land free from persecution
  128. Being able to ask for forgiveness
  129. Grateful for being able to attend Al Hikmah and have an Islamic influence in my life from early
  130. Grateful for the ustaads who guided me and gave me advice when I felt confused
  131. Being able to communicate with others
  132. WiFi/internet making information finding and communication so easy
  133. Being part of the Ummah of the final prophet (S.A.W)
  134. Being able to have visited the house of Allah and Madinah
  135. Feeling lucky enough to receive guidance/advice from my grandfather until I was an adult before he passed away
  136. Having good health and mobility
  137. Having access to Islamic knowledge and advice so easily
  138. Free will and the ability to think for myself
  139. The ability to help others in need and give charity
  140. My clothes
  141. Being able to sleep and rest
  142. All the knowledge Allah has blessed me with even though I don’t practice/act upon everything I should do
  143. Knowing Allah
  144. The guidance of Rasulullah
  145. Quran
  146. Sunnah
  147. Hadith
  148. Shahadah
  149. Salah
  150. Zakah
  151. Sadaqah
  152. Sawm
  153. Hajj and Umrah
  154. Knowledge of Islam
  155. Extended family
  156. Companions of Rasulullah
  157. Ability to enter Jannah
  158. Ability to do good deeds
  159. Ability to stay away from Jahannam
  160. Ability to stay away from evil deeds
  161. Ability to keep a good appearance
  162. Ability to see
  163. Ability to hear
  164. Ability to taste and eat
  165. Ability to speak
  166. Ability to use hands
  167. Ability to walk
  168. To have been given the opportunity to study in a Darul Uloom and meet various people from around the world.
  169. To have been given the opportunity to recite the Qur’an Shareef to my Ustadh Sb every single day although I am not in hifz class anymore.
  170. To have been given the opportunity to begin studies in the 7 Qira’aat with an excellent teacher.
  171. To have been blessed with a family that has a strong connection with the Qur’an Shareef.
  172. To have been blessed with a love for Islamic literature.
  173. To have been blessed with the opportunity to teach tajweed.
  174. To have been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with a teacher of my teachers.
  175. To have been blessed with the opportunity to study the Arabic language with excellent teachers.
  176. To have been blessed with an extremely long journey in hifz.
  177. To have been blessed with family members studying in the same field as me.
  178. To have been blessed with the opportunity to build connections with students from around the country.
  179. To have been blessed with the lockdown in March which resulted in the furthening of my limited knowledge of Islam.
  180. To have been blessed with the opportunity to travel across the country to memorise the Qur’an Shareef.
  181. To have been blessed with the ability to make good use of time.
  182. To have been blessed with amazing classmates in alim class aswell as sanatain.
  183. .To have been blessed with the opportunity to learn more about my family history.
  184. o have been blessed with the opportunity to spend more time with my family than I did while I was studying away from home.
  185. To have been blessed with parents who are extremely strict regarding salah.
  186. To have been blessed with family who are capable of helping me where I am lacking in my studies.
  187. To have been blessed with the opportunity to teach Qaidah.
  188. To have been blessed with the opportunity to study the Islamic history.
  189. To have been blessed with good suhbat.
  190. To have been blessed with the opportunity to study and memorise the sayings of the Noble Prophet ﷺ in a systematic manner under the guidance of an excellent teacher.
  191. To have been blessed with the ability to remain in contact with teachers whom I am not able to personally meet anymore.
  192. To have been blessed with the opportunity to gather and compile this list of matters in which I am grateful to Allah ﷻ for


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