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Dua: O Allah, grant me pardon (Allaahumma innee as’aluka…)

In this world, we should find in the remembrance of Allah, praising Him and worshipping Him, a delight that is incomparable to anything else.




Allahumma innee as-alukal-‘afwa wal‘afiyah,
fid-dunya wal-akhirah,
Allahumma innee as-alukal-‘afwa wal‘afiyah fee deenee,
wa dunyaya wa-ahlee, wamalee,
Allahummas-tur ‘awratee, wa-amin raw‘atee,
Allahummah-fathnee min bayni yaday,
wamin khalfee, wa‘an yameenee, wa‘an shimalee, wamin fawqee,
wa-a‘oothu bi‘athamatika an oghtala min tahtee.

Translation of the Meaning:

O Allah, I ask You for pardon and well-being in this life and the next.

O Allah, I ask You for pardon and well-being in my religious and worldly affairs, and my family and my wealth. O Allah, veil my weaknesses and set at ease my dismay.

O Allah, preserve me from the front and from behind and on my right and on my left and from above, and I take refuge with You lest I be swallowed up by the earth.
[Abu Dawood, Ibn Maajah, Saheeh Ibn Maajah 2/332.]


    • Just to highlight that the verse “Wa min faw qee ” was cited in the audio but was missing from the arabic writing. Tq


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