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Umar’s (ra) burial request- an example of fairness & love


Umar’s  (May Allah be pleased with him) love of the Prophet (May Allah bless him) & his fairness 

Story of His Burial

It was the dua of Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) that ‘O Allah grant me martyrdom in your path and my death in the city of your Messenger (May Allah bless him).

Allah accepted it when an enemy of Islam attacked him whilst leading Fajr Salah. He subsequently died due to the injury.

His burial request

He sent his son Abdullah ibn Umar (ra) to ask Aisha  (ra) if he could be laid to rest next to his two friends (Messenger Of Allah (Saw) and Abu Bakr (ra)) she shed tears after hearing the request, firstly due to the dying request of the great Caliph of Islam and secondly she wanted that spot for her self as it was in her room where both were buried and they are her father and husband.

However she said yes to his son.

After hearing the positive news he once again instructed Abdullah (ra) to ask again after his death because he doubted that Aisha (ra) May have allowed it due to the pressure of a request from Ameerul Mumineen – the leader of the believers.

After the death of Umar (ra) his body was carried to the house of Aisha (ra) and when Abdullah (ra) sought permission again she cried and the people of Madinah cried with her due to Umar’s (ra) justice, fairness and most importantly losing such a great saintly leader!

We learn from this incident some lessons but two noteworthy lessons;  good adab- manners and fairness.

Umar  (ra) with all his might could have coerced Aisha (ra) but he asked and asked again after his death through his son. He was a man of detail especially in adl – justice!

May Allah be pleased with him – Ameen

(Story transcribed from Mufti Zillul Haq’s speech)


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