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Ramadan digital checklist

How many Ramadan’s have you experienced in your life?
20? 25? 40?

Are you 25 [insert your age] times better?

As everything seems to be moving to digital, we thought it may be useful to publish a Ramadan checklist which you can easily tick off on a daily basis and customise based on your preferred actions.

The spreadsheet covers all 29-30 days of the month with easy to reference dates and automatically crosses off the task once you fill in the completed column. You can also easily print it in a single A4 and make notes as  you go along for reflection and reference at a later point.

To save and personalise your own checklist using this, you need a gmail account (free) with google drive enabled (also free). Once you have logged into your gmail account, you can simply File in the window below and select “Make a copy” which will then save it to your drive and you can edit and use it privately to your hearts content. Please remember us in your dua.


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