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Muslims & Mosques feeding the homeless and poor!


-By Mawlana Muhammad Rayhan | Rabi’uth Thani 1438

December was a month of festivity, family get-togethers and retreats with friends. Whilst people were enjoying their break from everyday working life, some sincere Muslims decided to enjoy the holiday by serving people instead.

The people they served were not family members or friends, they were homeless people–strangers–who were out in cold, starving and shivering.

Luton Muslim journal picked up numerous cases of how Muslim communities around the country served and treated the poor and vulnerable during this Holiday and most notably they were mainly non- Muslims.

Also, the Luton Muslim community collected a large amount of food.
In doing so, they have given life to the opening or inaugural statement of the Prophet (May Allah bless him) in Madinah. Speaking to a diverse community, the Prophet (May Allah bless him) said:

Spread peace and feed people…” (Bukhari)

He was very concise and pragmatic in his speech and advice however they were the recipe for the unity and peace of Madinah.

All too often, we hear people praising their people and community of kindness and peacefulness, but rarely do we witness it in practice.

Alhamdulillah, we have a growing number of Masjids and other Islamic organisations who are serving not only their congregations but the wider community as well. May Allah reward the people abundantly and create peace and harmony within communities due to their good work, Ameen.


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