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Coping with death – a practical online guide

Coping with the death of a loved one is difficult. Although we know that life is temporary, it is an extremely emotional experience and one which we may be very unprepared for. is a website which gathers information about how to support someone going through a final illness, what to do upon death and how deal with the burial.

copewithThe site has been developed after months of research and consultation with scholars, funeral service providers and medical practitioners and provides easy-to-understand advice and contact details for Luton’s funeral and bereavement services. The concept for the site was initially born out of real-life experiences from local residents who were confused and uncertain about how to deal with the death of their family members.

The resource includes information about scanning facilities for autopsy rather than an invasive autopsy which are available for Luton residents and practical advice around who to contact for further information.

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