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The Prophet (May Allah bless him) – Best example of a forgiver

The Prophet (May Allah bless him) – Best example of a forgiver

By Muhammad Rayhan

8 AH- Conquest of Makkah

The Prophet (May Allah bless him) recited to the Makkans what Yusuf (May Allah bless him) said to his brothers,
“Have no fear this day, Allah will forgive you. He is the most merciful of those who show mercy”.

Some Muslims uttered ‘today is the day of revenge’, upon hearing that the Prophet (May Allah bless him) corrected them by saying today is the day of mercy. He stripped Sa’ad bin Ubadah of the flag bearing status for using violent language against the Makkans.

He declared general amnesty for everyone. He said, “Whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan is safe, whoever locks their door is safe (stays indoor), whoever enters the Masjid Haram is safe”.

They were the very people who persecuted him, tried to assassinate him, killed many of his followers and tried to exterminate the existence of the Muslims.

He entered Makkah on Friday 20th Ramadhan in the most humble entrance, both in words and in action. He had his head down and Usamah Bin Zayd, who wasn’t a Quraishi or from any major tribe, riding behind him on the same Camel. His words were:
“Be at ease, don’t be frightened, I am not a king, I am only the son of a woman of the Quraish who used to eat dried meat.”

The outcome of this amnesty and delivery of great humility and forgiveness was that people from all over Arabia began to enter the fold of Islam.

The Prophet’s (May Allah bless him) blessed biography is filled with him pardoning and over looking people. What we can learn is when we find it so uneasy and difficult to forgive people then we must reflect upon the conquest of Makkah and see how the Prophet (May Allah bless him) and the companions forgave people who were their most bitter enemies from the early days of Islam to the war of the trenches when they gathered to wipe out the Muslims along with the Prophet (May Allah bless him). This is in addition to all the noble companions who were martyred and injured by them.
Forgiveness is not just for the political leaders and conquerors but it starts from small domestic and local incidents.
May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon the last Messenger


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