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How to achieve ‘productivity’, ‘nobility’ and ‘piety’

‘There is no intelligence like planning, there is no nobility except with good character’ and there is no piety like restraint’ (Bayhaqi)

Good planning for the day, week, year, short term and long term is the key to success and getting things done!

Muslims who practise their Deen already follow a strict daily timetable for the five daily Salahs. Likewise they plan for Hajj and Zakat as well.
To plan and prepare for tomorrow or the day after is part of our Deen and Sunnah because the Prophet (May Allah bless him) classified it as the best intelligence.

Mismanagement, poor planning and chronic lateness is not in Islam and it’s regarded as a disliked trait which produces nothing and creates problems.

It is not against reliance on Allah – Tawakkul to plan and prepare for future as long as one rests the outcome with Allah.

‘There is no nobility except with good character’

This is a very simple but profound statement because all too often people are deluded by thinking family reputation and wealth will compensate for bad manners and poor character.
No body likes a bad mannered person. This is why a person should focus much on character building than being obsessed with one’s skin colour, nationality and collecting wealth in order to gain nobility.

‘There is no piety like restraint’

Piety is about doing what Allah commands and abstaining from what Allah prohibits.

Throughout the day a Muslim has about one to two hours of direct worship in the form of Salah and other optional worship like Quran recitation.
However for most people, most of the day is all about restraint and saving oneself from indulging in Haram opportunities.
Muslims are always challenged and tested with Haram opportunities and this is where the extra reward lies when one abstains.

Abstaining from Haram is easier when a person abstains from people and places where there is Haram.
‘Solitary is better than a bad company’, if a person becomes alone then this is better than socialising with people who commit Haram openly and invite towards Haram.

I pray to Allah to enable all of us to do what he commands and abstain from all that he prohibits, Ameen.

By Mawlana Rayhan


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