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My recommended reading list – top Islamic texts

Our Master Muhammad – imam Abdallah Sirajuddin al hussayni
Imam Nawawi- Etiquette with the Quran
Garden of the hadith scholars- Imam Abdal Aziz Ad-Dihliwi
The Pure Intention – ibn Ata Allah Iskandari
The influence of the noble hadith – Shaykh Muhammad Awwamah
Muhaddithat- Shaykh Akram nadwi
Ash Shifa  – Qadi Iyad
Muhammad- Martin lings
The sealed nectar- Safi ur Rahman  al-Mubarakpuri
The History of four Khalifahs- Imam Suyuti
The Perfect Family – Ahlul Bayt – Khalid Williams
Purification of the heart – hamza Yusuf
Hikam ibn Ata Allah Iskandari
The Sword of Allah – A.I Akram
The Muslim conquest of Persia – A.I Akram
The Autobiography of Macolm X – Alex Haley
The dead are rising – Les Payne.
Centering Black Narrative- Dawud Walid
Madrasah Life- Mohammed Akram Nadwi
The differences of the imams – shaykh zakariyyah kandhelwi
Abu Hanifah – Shaykh Akram Nadwi
Love for Allah – shaykh zulfiqar Ahmad
The Heirs of the Prophet- ibn Rajab Al Hanbali
Refinement of the soul – ibn Ata Allah Iskandari
Islamic revival in British India- Barbara metcalf
The walking quran – Rudolph ware
Muqaddima – ibn khuldun
The Last Mughal – William Dalrymple
My life with the Taliban- mullah zaeef
The African caliphate- ibraheem Suleiman
Dajjal – Ahmad Thompson
Virtues of seclusion – Abdal Ghani al Nabulusi
The two treaties imam Al Haddad
Major sins- imam dhahabi
Difference between advising and shaming – ibn rajab al hanbali
Islamic dynasties – Luqman Nagy
Islam and secularism – Naquib Al Attas
Redrawing the middle east- Michael Berdine
Dumbing us down – Taylor Gatto
Weapons of Mass instruction- Taylor Gatto
Consumed – Benjamin barber
Bury my heart at wounded knee – Dee Brown
Men are from mars – John Gray
Malcolm Gladwell- outliers
Shashi  tharoor  – inglorious empire
Make it stick – Peter Brown
The All new don’t think of a elephant – layoff
Servants of Allah – diouf
Why liberalism failed – Patrick deneen
Tribe – Sebastian junger
Education your children in modern times – hamza yusuf
Educating children – imam Ahmad ibn ramli


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