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Salah is our gift – Now it’s time to pray

The biggest gift the ummah received after Imaan was Salah, this is why Allah (swt) invited the Prophet (May Allah bless him) to the heavens to present the five daily Salahs.

Although Salah is a daily obligation, the act itself is the greatest gift for a believer- the most closest a person can be to Allah.

Parents have a duty to teach and inculcate Salah to their children.

The best method of introducing Salah is by presenting it as a gift to one’s children. Children and adults must not take Salah as a burden but rather a dedication and appreciation to Allah for all the blessings.

Now it’s time pray – project is all about introducing Salah as a gift to the kids, not just in words but as a physical gift box.

The box contains custom-made Salah objects for boys and girls with a Salah record reward-chart.

I have attached the link below for the gift box.

Let’s gift all our children a Salah box!

By Mawlana Rayhan





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