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In memory of local teacher, Mr Timothy Ibrahim – “The Power of One”

The janazah prayer of Marhoom Mr Timothy Ibrahim [Timothy Abrahams], retired
Teacher at Challney Boys school, was held on Saturday 25th November 2023 followed by his burial at Vale Cemetery.

Mr Ibrahim would often say he would like write a book entitled the ‘The Power of One’, sharing his belief in Allah(SWT).

In memory of his intent, a few lines of poetry have been penned in his memory:

May Allah(SWT) grant Mr Ibrahim al Firdows.

“The Power of One”

In the silence of Oneness, a soul found its way,
Tim, touched by the power of God, night and day.
A journey sparked, a transformation profound,
As the power of one God in his heart, Tim found.

In the unity of Allah, a captivating grace,
Transforming Tim’s life, a spiritual embrace.
Liberated, he surrendered to one Master so divine,
No more the multitude, just God’s love to enshrine.

In the tapestry of life, my friend stood tall,
Teaching me lessons, laughter and loyalty enthrall.
Tim, my friend who gave me abundantly,
A treasure of wisdom, our friendship forever free.

Through God, we’re all connected, alone yet one,
Every being, everything, under the same Sun.
Tim walked a road to God with many lanes wide,
Each step, a testament to the One by his side.

Our love inspired by the One, a bond never to sever,
Tim’s heart embraced, our friendship forever.
In the echo of laughter, in moments so rife,
One love, one friendship, the essence of life.

Tim’s smile, radiant as the morning sun,
A simple gesture, making our hearts as one.
In the canvas of memories, his smile will play,
Brightening our lives, each and every day.

Tim spoke of being, folding into a true soul,
Understood only by God, making him whole.
A oneness beyond words, a spiritual sight,
In God’s embrace, Tim found eternal light.

In Tim’s passing, not an end but a start,
A transition from one realm, a journey’s part.
One step closer to God, as his soul takes flight,
Tim, in divine embrace, bathed in eternal light.

– Inspired by Tim


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