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Is there baptism in Islam?

Baptism is a religious ritual symbolising spiritual purification, rebirth, and initiation into the faith community. Water is used to symbolically cleanse an individual from sin and mark their entry into faith.

According to the Christian Gospels, Jesus Christ was baptised by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. This event is recorded in the New Testament of the Bible, specifically in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

This was a significant event marking the beginning of his public ministry according to the Christian faith. The baptism of Jesus, peace be upon him, is seen as an example of obedience to God’s will and a symbol of his identification with humanity in its need for spiritual cleansing and redemption.

Did baptism begin with Christianity?

Although baptism was used by John the Baptist, baptism itself did not originate with Christians or, for that matter, with John, peace be upon him. Jews practiced baptism as a traditional act of purification and the initiation of converts to Judaism long before the coming of the Messiah. The origins of baptism might be found in the book of Leviticus where the Levite priests were commanded to perform a symbolic cleansing in water before and after performing their priestly duties. Leviticus 16:4 tells us, “He is to put on the sacred linen tunic, with linen undergarments next to his body; he is to tie the linen sash around him and put on the linen turban. These are sacred garments; so he must bathe himself with water before he puts them on.”

Why don’t Muslims follow the practise of Jesus with a baptism?

صِبْغَةَ ٱللَّهِ ۖ وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ مِنَ ٱللَّهِ صِبْغَةًۭ ۖ وَنَحْنُ لَهُۥ عَـٰبِدُونَ

(Our religion is) the Way (Baptism*) of Allah: And who is better than Allah in ordaining a way? And we worship ˹none but˺ Him. (Surah al Baqarah 2:138)
* The famous scholar, Abdullah Yusuf Ali translates the meaning of this Arabic word as analogous to the concept of baptism. Although baptism isn’t a specific Islamic rite, similar practises are present in Islam.

1. Spiritual purification: The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said ‘If anyone Performs ablution (ritual washing) like that of mine and offers 2 units of prayer during which he does not think of anything else (not related to the present prayer) then his past sins will be forgiven.’ (Sahih Bukhari Vol 1 Book 4 #161)

2. When someone enters into Islam, they have to have to wash and bathe their whole body, called ghusl in Arabic
On the authority of Qays b. `Asim he said that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) ordered him to perform ghusl using water mixed with the leaves of the lote tree when he embraced Islam.

3. Forgiveness with every step
The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever performs a thorough ritual bath on Friday, proceeds at the earliest to the mosque, sits below the Imam and listens carefully without talking, he will have a reward for each step he took a year’s worth of fasting and praying.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhī 496)

4. Repentance is essential
The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “O people, turn to Allah in repentance. Verily, I repent to Him one hundred times in a day.” (Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2702)

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Allah Almighty said: O son of Adam, whenever you worship Me and place your hopes in Me, without associating any partners with Me, I will forgive whatever you have done. If you turn to Me with the likes of the heavens and the earth full of sins and shortcomings, I will turn to you with the same amount of forgiveness, and I do not mind.” (Shu’ab al-Imān lil-Bayhaqī 1009)

Musa ibn Abi Habib reported: Ali ibn Husayn, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “Verily, repentance is only by action and turning away from the matter. Repentance is not by speech alone.” (al-Tawbah li-Ibn Abī al-Dunyā 57)


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